Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

This year we had an early Christmas since Brad was working on Christmas Day. We openned our gifts at home before we went to Sam's and Micki's. I really enjoy these family gathering we share at their home so often. I think the last time my direct family got together for a holiday like this was when I was in middle school. This year we enjoyed watching Bradley tear open all his gifts. I don't think he understands the concept of Christmas but soon he will and I can't wait to see that. This year we did not take a picture with Santa because little Bradley was too afraid of him. I have to admit that since I was welcomed into Brad's family I have learned to appreciate what families are all about and holidays like Christmas make that family bond even stronger.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Summers' Collage

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Trying a new photo software and loving it!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas !!

We took our Christmas pictures yesterday. I had it all planned out. We would go to the Round Rock and take a very scenic picture. But it got cold and little Bradley was not at all going to cooperate with any of us. When we got to my in-laws he fell asleep and then we woke up in the worst possible mood. So our first set of pictures were not at all nice. Lots of tears. But then it all worked out. Grandma Summers and Aunt Becky kept him entertained with all the balls. Uncle Tom taught him this really neat trick: To toss a basket full of balls over his head.
He was loving getting all the balls thrown at him too by Aunt Becky and Gradma Summers.

Howdy Cowboy!!

So I have this cowboy hat my high school friend Joaquin gave to me a few years back. I love this hat. I left the hat on our living room table within little Bradley's reach and little Bradley thought it would be fun to play with it. He wears it and he also likes to sit on it.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Wow! I can't believe we just celebrated Thanksgiving. We will soon be getting ready for Christmas as well. This year I had an awesome Thanksgiving. I started the day with a 5 mile run together with my sister-in- law Becky and a friend of her's from work, Jennifer. We ran the Thundercloud Turkey Trot, it was an amazing experience. The course was not at all easy there were some very steep hills to climb, and there was one very difficult hill left at the very end of the race, over all it was a fun race, there were tons and tons of people despite the cold weather. Then we had dinner with my in-laws. We had tons of fun there. We stayed up until midnight to go shopping at the out-let mall here in Round Rock. Thanksgiving has got to be my favorite Holiday. I just love the idea behind it. I love that this country sets a side a special day to remind us of all the blessings we have in this nation. This year there was much for me to be thankful for. I am very thankful that I can stay home with my little boy and that I can serve my family. I am so grateful for my husband who has given me this great opportunity of staying home. I am so grateful for all the love and support my wonderful husband bestows upon me daily. I am convinced that I have become a much better person because of his great example. He always encourages me and believes in me. His constant praise to me helps me become a better person. I am also so grateful for my family and my husband's family who have supported us through some very difficult times and through our obligations and our triumphs. My family is truly blessed everyday.

Monday, November 19, 2007


We have been working on redoing our backyard as long as we have been married. Our backyard althought it is not completely done, it has taken a huge transformation. Brad has on and off been working on the that project. He has accomplished much. We used to have an old shed that was brutally destroyed by the guys and then Brad completely tore down the yaguzzi room which was attached to the house and rotting out. Maybe we will be done with our backyard this year, but as for right now, little Bradley could care less if we have grass because we have a tractor back there and that is just as fun as having a nice neat yard. Little Bradley loves helping his Dad out in any project that he is working.

Time to Relax

So after traveling so much and having a week of sleepless nights due to Little Bradley's bad stomach virus we took a day off and went into Ausitn and enjoyed the Zilker Park Zephyr Miniature Train. We actually went to UT to meet my new mentee. Back when I was in college I was recipient for the Hispanic Scholarhip Fund, and now I am returning their kind generosity by helping with my time, since I don't have much money to contribute to the fund I volunteer to mentor a young college girl. So I met my mentee she is a sweet girl from Elgin, we had lunch at Littlefield Patio Cafe. I lived in the dormitory that is attached to the cafe my freshman year. It brought me great memories. After lunch Bradley and I went down to Zilker Park. We got there just as the train was departing so we waited almost an hour before next train ride, but while we waited we had the best time on the playground near the train station. This playground is designed for adults as well as kids. It was awesome we had a blast. By the time we got on the train he was so filthy from all the dust in the playground, he almost looked like a real train engineer covered in coal dust.

Babies Everywehere

This month has been a very busy fall for us, but mostly for me. I have not been able to meet with my running group since October because there is always something going on every weekend, from Young Women's meetings to Trunk or Treats to baby showers. I am just so grateful that my family is very patient and supportive of my involvement in my church calling. I sometimes feel like I neglect my duties as a wife and mother being away from my husband and son so often. A weekend ago we went to the San Antonio Temple to do baptisms I got up at 4:00 am to make the youth breakfast tacos. Then the week before that I went to Laredo to see my Mom and my dear friend Tania who just had her baby boy on the 12th of this month. Tania and I have been friends since we were in the fourth grade. I find it interesting that I still keep connected to some of my childhood friends. I really had fun seeing her and her lovely family again. Just before I left to Laredo I was working on a baby rag blanket for her baby shower and I finally finished it. It took me so long but it was worth it. I felt very accomplished upon the blanket's completion.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


So little Bradley was Chicken Little this year for Halloween. He had such a good time trick-or-treating in my in-law's neighborhood. He was in a little wagon my mother-in-law let us use. He knew the drill he would get out of the wagon walk up to the door and set his little bag down to get candy and then he would walk back to the wagon and get in and set the bag on one seat and he sat on the other. Most of all he like to see his flashlight shine in the dark. He was so adorable!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


It's finally over!! We pulled it through. The Trunk-Or-Treat in our ward turned out great. We had several booths for the kids to play. Chanchis really enjoyed the Creepy Cake Walk and the Frightening Fishing Pond. I am so glad it all turned out great. I think everyone enjoyed it so much. Here is our little chick with his daddy, they look so cute. And there is me and Brad. I was a Cowgirl. Bradley was fast asleep when we took this picture. Brad had never been to one of these Trunk-Or-Treats so he had a good time taking little Bradley around getting candies and treats from all the booths and cars.

We have not taken a picture together in a while. This was a fun picture.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Appliances

We are so excited because we finally were able to get a new dishwasher. Something so desperately needed and a new refrigerator. We can now get filtered cold water from our new refrigerator. But I think little Bradley got the best thing of all. He has a new fort built from the dishwasher box. Brad is such an awesome dad. He new the box could be used for something fun and he did just that. I on the other hand am more practical and just wanted to get rid of the box. You could just hear me. "Brad he has two tents in the house with two tunnels, he does not need another tent!" Brad insists that this is not a tent it is a fort. I just love how Brad takes the time to play with him.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Expanding my Skills

Check out what I did at our ward's Super Craft Day. I love the apron. It is so cute and it was a such an easy thing to do. The Christ Plaque was not hard at all. I just love learning all these crafts and skills at church. I have learned more about some household skills and how to manage my home from the wonderful women at church. I am always amazed by all the hidden talent that is in our ward.

Just a Snap of our Family

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bath Tub Incident

Sunday was a great day for us. We got up kind of early. Brad needed to prepare his lesson for Elder’s Quorum, so Bradley and I went outside in the backyard and entertained Saddie. We played for about an hour. You know the same old tricks, fetch and catch. Bradley was having so much fun with her. So I decided that he needed a bath. I usually start running the water and filling up the tub. Well he walked in the bathroom and was just waiting for me to get him in, but I had to run out to get his towel. By the time I came back he was in the tub fully clothed and playing with his bath toys. Brad and I got such a big laugh from it.

Hairy Man Festival

This weekend I had the chance to watch two of Bradley’s buddies. So Bradley had a blast with his friends ALL day Saturday. He played, ran, climbed, and just had plain old fun. One of Bradley’s buddies commented on how strong and muscular Bradley’s legs were, after I had taken off his pants because he was getting hot. I thought his comment was funny coming form a 2 year old boy. The boys had so much fun together. I took them to the park in their neighborhood, but it turned out it was closed off for the Hairy Man Festival. I thought we should go in anyway, so we gave our two canned food to get in. There was so much to see and enjoy but it is almost impossible to stay put in one place with three boys all under the age of 4 years old. I forgot my cash at home, so we could not ride all the fancy rides, but the boys were able to use the park’s playground. There tons of kids in the park’s playground and I would have to say Bradley was the smallest of them all, but the bravest too. He would climb up to the tallest slide and off he went. It was so funny to see him climb up the slide, it is almost like an obstacle course for him, but once he gets to the top he feels like he is on top of the world. Fortunately, the kids got to have some free goodies, they got cup cakes and balloons. I really enjoyed this weekend with the boys, they were so much fun. Brad picked up Bradley at about six p. m. and he had played so hard he fell asleep almost immediately.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I love all these pictures of little Bradley. He has grown so much this year. I can't believe how big he has gotten.

Ten Pounds Lighter

I am so excited. I am finally ten pounds lighter. I love the Weight Watchers program. It really has helped me improve my self confidence. Last year when I was doing the Round Rock Fit Training I never lost a single pound, and I was bummed out. My body really went through some serious work outs. But this year, I have lost more weight than ever and I don't always feel so tired when I return from a 5 mile run. I think it all has to with my eating habbits. I am seriously nourishing my body properly. I don't just run to the fridge and get whatever catches my eye. I give it a little more thought. I know I am not getting any younger so my metabolism isn't as great as it used to be. I notice that although last year I did not loose much weight I had more endurance. This year I have started to do stregthening workouts because I am just not as strong as I was. But overall I think that I am taking better care of my body this year.
"Remember people who work out get endorphines, endorphines make people happy, happy people don't kill their husbands. "-Legally Blonde

What a Ham

He has learned to put his little hands behind his head and use them as support when he does not have a pillow around. I am so excited because he is starting to say more words. He knows what hot is, mama, papa, choo choo, Saddie ( our new dog) and juice.

Sometimes I feel like this...

I love this picture of Mafalda expressing herself quite well when frustrated. This is how I felt yesterday with my little boy. Bradley has always napped since the day we brought him from the hospital. Sometimes naps are shorter than others, or longer, or earlier, or later. But he always has a nap. Yesterday, he did not nap at all. I was afraid he was going to stay up all night, but he did pretty well. Although there have been some nights when he gets up screaming in the middle of the night several times, and that's when I feel like screaming out Enough!! like Mafalda. Last night was a good night. Although I am afraid that he may not want to nap anymore. I hope that is not the case. I am not ready for him to give up his naps. I need his nap time as much as he does. I can do so much when he is napping. Anyhow, we will see what comes out of this non napping stage.

10 Lbs Lighter

I am so excited I have reached my first goal in Weight Watchers. I am now 10 lbs lighter, but that is not my 10% off, I still have a ways to go. But I am just so excited. I am also at five miles running.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bad Tongue Day

Have you ever had a day where you bite your tongue several times? Saturday was that day for me. It seems to happen when I am chewing gum. This morning I woke up and my tongue was sore. I asked Brad if he has had that happened to him before; he has only bitten his lip several times on the same day. Well, I guess we all have had our bad tongue day or lip day. I just hope it is not a bad habit I am developing unconsciously. It is a painful habit if it is.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Maintaing Chastity

Today was the craziest day for me. I had the opportunity to teach our young women about chastity. I had read the lesson and started preparing for this lesson early on, but the bottom line is that it is not easy to talk to young girls about sex and chastity. So at the last minute I just got nervous and I hope I got my message across. The lesson I had today was based on some excerpts from The Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W. Kimball. I just love how he wrote. He told it like it should be. I think these lessons are put in the church manuals because some parents these days sort of sugar coat the whole sex talk to teenagers. I quite frankly would have benefited from a lesson such as this one in my youth. My little Beehives call these lessons the "awkward" lessons. They sure do makes us all feel uncomfortable, but I think that it is good to open these girls' awareness of what they should do should they ever find themselves in a situation that will jeapordize their standards and sadly many of our youth will find themselves in very difficult circumstances. And even worse many of our youth will fall between the cracks. I fell through the cracks, and it is a miracle that I came back with such little knowledge and exposure to the church's standards. Someone must have been praying really hard for me while I went through my stage. Looking back at my life, I could have ended up in a really scary situation. I am just so glad I met Brad, and that I have the gospel back in my life. I used the following visual aides for my lesson, I thought they were kind of cute.




Friday, September 28, 2007

Playdates Equal Mom's Sanity

Today Bradley was invited to Bryce's Play Date. The kids had so much. I am so glad the kids had so much fun. I always feel so much better when I know Bradley was able to play and run around with other children. It helps him get worn out and rest better. Yesterday my VT was over with her little boy and he did the same. I guess that is why it is so important to have more than just one child, it helps them get worn out and it helps mom stay sane.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

To Die For Blueberry Muffins

I have spent most of the day today baking these delicious blueberry muffins that a friend of mine introduced me to. They are literally to die for, but mine are not coming out so great. I don't know if its because the wheat flour I used is a little too old or they seem to cook sooner than the time the recipe calls for. But the bottom line is that they are great. I have gone under this wheat grinding frenzy all day today. I am finally able to use my grain grinder that Brad got me for Mother's Day. I have kept it in a cabinet because I could not unassemble it to clean the oil from the burss. I have come to the conclusion that I have I have all these cooking appliances (intruments) but I never use them, so I am going to start focusing to on using some of these tools for my cooking.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

BOOK! Books!

So I took upon myself the task of reading Little Women this year, after well over 4 months of struggling to get through the pages of Little Women, I convinced myself that I would just watched the movie, so I watched the 1930's version of Little Women's (which by the way was phenomenal) and I spoiled the end of the book for myself. I have been known to do this to myself in the past. I did it for Pride and Prejudice, and I think that is about it. It usually happens right at the end just when I am about to finish the book, I get tempted and there you have it I give in to temptation too quickly. So I have recommitted myself as a true reader that I would not watch the movie on my next book before I am completely done. So currently I am reading The Work and The Glory, its a novel with 9 volumes. I am so proud of myself because I finished the 2nd book within 3 weeks, and I am already on my 3rd book. I just love it. It really is a great novel by Gerald N. Lund, I highly recommend it to those who are interested in LDS History.

This is Bradley: Relaxing

This is Bradley when he does not get what he wants.

And sometimes I am just silly!