Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Bug

Our home got hit by a huge intestinal bug. We are all finally recovering, although little Bradley still has the runs since last week on Tuesday. It was an awful time for all of us. Brad was first diagnosed with his annual brochitis and then he got the stomach bug. I was the last one in the gang to get it. Mine was not nearly as bad as the boys'. They both had the runs and the vomitting. The first day little Bradley had it, we ran out of towels, rags, and any piece of cotton to clean up the mess. I don't think I have had to do this much laundry ever. To top things off our dryer was not functioning and then it was working but not warming up. Anyhow, I am glad it is almost gone. This past week has been a nightmare. We all lost so much weight from it. Little Bradley lost the most. I really hope he can put it back on, because without his little rolls he is not the same. Out of all of us, little Bradley proved to have the best outlook on his illness. Every chance he had to play or to mimic Brad and I he would. He is such a wonderful little boy. Of course he had his moments, and well needed moments.

Monday, January 28, 2008

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Our lovely tri-color beagle has left us. She was hit by a car sometime on Thursday night or Friday morning. I just posted her on craigslist in the pet section and in the lost and found. Saddie's second owner had her spayed and had her microchipped. My post on craigslist reached the second owner and she called me to tell me that Saddie had been picked up and taken to the Austin Town Lake Animal Shelter. I call immediately to see the status of Saddie but she had been euthanized. Apparentlay she had been hit and taken in to a Animal hospital in north Austin. After a few hours of observation and pain killers (morphine) she did not look any better. She was put to sleep. I am just so glad we she had that chip on her. We would have never known what had happened to her without. We loved Saddie, but little Bradley loved her even more. It has been hard to see him look out the window and not find her in the backyard. Saddie you will be missed.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Choo! Chooooo!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Bradley!! We had a blast for little Bradley's birtday. All the people he loves most accompanied him in his celebration. I can't believe that it has been two years since we brought him home. He sure is growing fast. He is already trying to put words together. I can't believe that just two years ago I was able to carry him in my arms and he was so tiny. Now I struggle to carry him around. This year he definitly understood that the party was for him when the gifts came around and it was time to blow out the candles on the cake. My lovely mother came up on Friday to help me with the food for the party. She made some really great tamales with rice and beans and we also served hotdogs for those who don't like tamales. We had a great turn out, some of little Bradley's friend from nursery came, his cousins came, and our new little neighbor came. Overall everyone had a good time despite the cold weather. I am so just so glad Bradley has so many people that love him so much. He had a blast blasting the pinata and openning gifts. We really enjoyed having everyone in our home. Thank you all for loving Bradley so much.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Bradley!!

Happy Birthday Little Bradley!!! I can't believe it has been two years since this little angel was born. Today we went in for his two year check up. He is 32 inches tall and he weighs 27.40 lbs. Little Bradley has quadruple in weigh since he was born. Dr. DeHaro said he is doing real well and developing great. It has been 720 days since he was born and so much has happened and so much more is to happen. He is such a silly boy. He loves to play peek-a-boo with everyone and is such a little monkey. He mimics both Brad and I. He loves to brush his teeth and truly enjoys reading scripture and saying prayers with Brad and I. The other night Brad was putting him to sleep and he kept calling out for me. He wants both of us to put him to sleep. So I came in the room and the three of us squeezed in a tiny little twin bed. We read scriptures and said prayers. Then Brad and I just chat until he falls to sleep. This is such a special routine for us.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Run! Austin, Run!

Running is one of our favorite hobbies we do together as a family. Brad and I go running eveyday he gets off from work. I drive down to his station and then we drive together to Town Lake. Brad pushes the stroller and I run with Saddie. It is so fun to just get out of the house and do something together. Our running time is sacred, almost like FHE! I don't know if we will be able to keep doing the running when we have more kids, but I am sure we will find another fun activity to keep us together. Yesterday after church I went to pick Brad up and we went to run. I can't say that running is a very reverent thing to do on Sunday but we enjoy clearing our minds off for at least an hour. Anyhow, this was the first Sunday I have ever gone out running with Brad, and the dynamics of the trail were quite different. There were tons of people and there was construction going on. I came to the conclusion that most Austin runners are very diobedient because parts of the running trails were blocked off and people move the gates that block the areas where construction will be done. I guess everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too. Everyone wants a nice trail to run on but nobody is willing to pay the price of waiting of getting it done. That is just so rude. Anyhow, yesterday was a more difficult day for me to run because I had to dodge tons of people, despite the difficult I had running yesterday I shaved off 3 miniutes from my run usual run. I am very proud of myself. I don't usually run as far as Brad does, I only go from the Mopac walking bridge to 1st Street and back. Brad goes from Mopac to IH 35. My goal is to build up to that distance, but right now I am just focusing to run up to the Congress Bridge. Anyhow, that all for now.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I'd like an order of a boy with goose eggs, To Go Please!!!

BOYS, BOYS, BOYS!!! He is driving me bananas.
I love my little guy, but he sure gives me a run for my money.
During Sacarament meeting we were in the foyer.
Boy runs, trips and hits tile floor so hard it shook the building.
Result huge bruse on his forehead and left eye swelling.
ME: He is going to loose his eye.
Boy grabs a bag with metal links throws it up in
the air to test the gravity theory, bag of links falls
on his face and bruises up his nose.
Result: Bloody nose and a swollen nostril. Gravity exists.
ME: Ouch!! Didn't know wether to cry or laugh.
Boy running around the house like a maniac
after the dog. Boy slips and hits his head.
Result: Boy has bump on side of the head.
ME: That had to have hurt!!

Happy Birthday Brad!!

Today it's Brad's Birthday, he is 29 years old. Hurray!!! Wow!! We may be going out to dinner. I hate to say this but when it comes to Brad's birthday it always catches me by surprise as much as it always catches him by surprise. I need to get more creative with his birthday. He really deserves a great birthday. He works so hard for us and is such a wonderful father and husband. I am not sure how to reward my wonderful husband for all that he does for me and our little one. I know that he is really simple, I love that about him. He isn't flashy at all. He loves video games,and to sleep. I think I am just going to let him sleep as late as he wants to, try not to nag him, or remind him of his honey do list for the entire day. Shoot me some ideas of what I can do to make this day a special day for him. I want to do more than just getting him a gift, I want to do something special for him, something that will be memorable.

Maybe I will start off by making him breakfast in bed as soon as he wakes up! I know that I will try to improve on all the things that irk him about me. Like put a trashbag in the trash receptacles after I take the trash out, load the dishwasher in orderly manner, don't touch change the temperature in the house, etc....

This is how we spent Brad's birthday: He woke up to the smell of smoked bacon at about 9:30 AM. I managed to make him a hearty breaksfast. We had scamble eggs with pancakes and bacon. Yummy!!! After breakfast we caught some of The Office reruns and I got ready to do some grocery shopping. While I was out with Little Bradley, Brad took a siesta. After his siesta we returned and surprised Brad with his birthday gift: XBOX 360 Transporting Case. We then went to Georgetown to have Brad's license renewed. We did a couple of other errrands and then came home to take another nap. After we all were rested we got ready to go have dinner. So Brad and I went to have Chinese food without our Gozilla. Brad almost had everything he wanted on this day: TO DO NOTHING, HAVE NO WORRIES. Unfortunately he started his trance way too soon and forgot to pay commissions to the reps yesterday, so he had to go back to work. I think this will be a pretty memorable day for Brad. We spent the entire day together, I think it was fun birthday.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long Over Due Thoughts...

I feel like I can finally put my thoughts together. So much has happened during and after theholidays. Holidays as you all saw turned out great, however I kind of felt like the rug was being pulled out under my feet. Its probably because I did not have my priorities in order. This tends to happen to me when to me alot when I am not spiritually in tune. I seem to spend more money than I need to, also I don't get as creative or at least I feel as if I don't have a productive brain activity. Anyhow that episode seems to be passing now. Just yesterday I organized a bedroom in our house that has always seem to be a burden to organize. Anyhow, I finally put the room together as best as I could. Since Brad and I are always working on a million projects around the house, I gave it much thought as to what would be the best way to make this room functional but also easy to clean out for when we start to remodel it. You know, new floors, base boards, paint......etc. The reorganization seems to have worked out. We will truly put it to the test on Bradley's birthday party with all the kid's running around.
The truth of it all is that after I got released from Young Women's as the Beehive Counselor I did not know what to do with myself. My calling gave me a sense of who I am, it was a big piece of me. The transition between Young Women's and Relief Society was a little rough for me. I also did not feel very comfortable with my new calling as the Enrichment Leader for our ward. I felt like I was out it. But since I know things are up an running with my new calling I am very excited. I was not excited when I firts got called in. Now that I look back at things it is all about my attitude. This past Sunday I told myself that I needed to get overmyself and start doing what I am asked to do.

Unfortunately, I always drag my family along with me when I am having a rough time. What is worst is tha while I am trying to put myself together I forget about my loved ones such as my baby. I have started ot observe myself more carefully and I came to the conclusion that I don't play as much with my little boy and just today I learned how much fun it is to play with him. We played catch the bouncy ball. I think I am listening to that still small voice a little more that I did before. I don't say this enough but my little boy is so much fun. It is so much fun to watch him grow. He is starting to put words together. He is so polite, he always "Thank you" and "Please". He is also very familiar with "Time Out". And letS not forget that the word "NO" is one of his favorite words. I was so proud of him yesterday because he put together his train track. I praised him and he was just delighted. Boy I could talk about him all day long. He is growing so fast. He is starting to recognize some manY things, my favorite is when he bows his head and places his little hand under his chin and stands still for prayers. He also knows where his diapers are and he will bring us one when he needs to be changed. Just yerday I asked him to put his dinner plate in the sink and he drop it in. Bradley is also so cute with his dog Saddie. He knows that Saddie has to be wiped before she is let in the house. So when he wants her in he grabs the towel used ot clean Saddie and stand by the back door and calls out for her "Saddie!!" , he also pats his little legs like we do when we call her. It breaks my heart when Saddie doesn't come and he standing there waiting for her to come out. Wow! I can't believe this is only the beginning of such a wonderful journey with him.

Sometimes this journey with little Bradley is not very pleansant, and yesterday was one of those days. I had a pounding headache due to my allergies and he would not nap. I was also trying to get my house organized and tidy and he was just upset and moody. We ran an errand early in the morning and when we got home he almost fell asleep. I tried taking off his sweater while he napped but that only woke him up, later he was having dinner and he fell asleep on his high chair. When I was about to move him out of the chair he woke up and he did not go to sleep again. It was a nightmare. I got some pictures of him on the high chair falling asleep. It was funny. I think I am going to wrap this one up, my eyes keep closing. I am so exhausted.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Summers Family Pictures

This past Sunday we put on our UT armor and went to battle against taking pictures. It never fails everytime we try to take family pictures we have a few little rascals that run out on us, or can't stay still or just plain want to play because staying still is just no fun when you are under the age of four. Fortunately these picture turned out great. I think that the best shots are those when we are not even posing, or have a natural pose. It's always nice to have family pictures, but it is very difficult to get a great shot with three little children. Patience is key in these circumstances, luckily we only have to take family pictures once or twice a year. It really is worth the battle with the kids, once or twice a year.
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