Friday, February 29, 2008

We are still Here

So I have not felt well enough to write on my blog. Actually I should have written on my blog a few weeks ago but I did not think it was appropriate to write some of my thoughts since I wanted to keep my little secret quiet for a little longer. I have been keeping this little secret for quite sometime now but I think it is time to share our joy with everyone else. About a month ago I had a strange feeling that I needed to take an early pregnancy test. I took it and to my surprise it was positive. I was still not convinced of the possibility that we were pregnant again but it was real. My body started to take some changes. I could no longer run as fast I was running and I was very tired. I asked Brad to get me a couple of more test because I just did not feel pregnant, although all the signs were there. I was in denial. All the test were positive. I did not want share my joy with anyone but it slowly started to sip out. After like three test I concluded that the tests were not faulty and that I need to be seen by my OBG. I had my first appointment on Monday. I had Brad and Bradley come in with me to the sonogram room. I was very nervous for the last four weeks I was not sure how the pregnancy was developing. I have not had very much luck in the past. So Brad and I were waiting anxiously the sonogram results. When we saw a heartbeat it was amazing. The sonogram technician said the baby is growing beautifully. I was so relieved. So now it is out in the open. Today I felt up to writing in my blog because I have been taking this medication for my morning sickness and it worked like a charm, but I am concerned about taking it everyday since it has a constipating side effect. I am always very aware of my body's needs and I don't like medication to interfere with the natural flow of my body. Anyhow, it is never a win, win situation, although today I think I can clean my restrooms without heaving.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Day 1:

Put Bradley to nap at 1:30 PM. He fussed and cried and then he finally he went down.

That same evening I gave him a bath at 6:20 PM and we started his new wining down routine, he went down at 7:30 PM. Woke up screaming bloody murder at 11:00 PM. The screams lasted about one hour. It broke my heart but it was very important. Everytime I wanted to get up and console him I remember some of the advice in the book and I would lay back down in bed. He fell asleep on the floor by the door way against his gate. Then later that evening he realized that it is a hundred times more comfortable to sleep on his bed than on the floor. So he went to bed. This little episode happened again about 2:00 AM but this time he went back to sleep much quicker. That morning he got up at 8:00 AM.

Day 2:

Brad wanted us to come down to Town Lake and go jogging. Although I love to go jogging at ToWN Lake I would give it up anytime to help my littl guy get a few hours of good napping. Anyhow, Brad, who has fallen into the new "me" generation concept was not happy that we were not coming down. So I felt guilty and I ended up taking Bradley down to Austin anyway. Little Bradley missed his afternoon nap, and I of course was not happy about it. Anyhow, by 5:00 PM I started his sleep routine. He had a bath at 5:20 PM. We got him ready for bed by 6:00pm. We read books, and tried to put him to bed. He finally went to sleep at 7:45 PM. This time his kicking a waling started an hour earlier at 10:00 PM. This time it was only about 45 minutes. He finally went back to sleep. Brad says he heard him again at 2:00 AM. He woke up at 6:20 AM this morning and he was as happy as could be.

Although many parents think that some of this crying is unnecessary I find it quite the opposite. I want Bradley to learn how to go to bed unassisted.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Healthy Sleep Habbits, Happy Child

So lately I have been very irritated because little Bradley is in bed with Brad and I almost every night. Ever since he got real sick we thought it would just be easier to keep in bed with us. But that was a mistake. Now we can't seem to get him out. He is not as small as he used to be and he kicks all night long. So I have started reading this incredible book by Marc Weissbluth on Healthy Sleep Habbits. I am so glad that I am reading this book now, even though I wished I had started about a year ago. As I have read this book I have seen many of the vital mistakes I as a parent make in Bradley's sleep rythm. Here is a small excerpt
"I am aware that the practice of toting your baby along with you on every occassion is the new social thing. No doubt it stems from the "me" generation's philosophy that a baby should not be allowed to to interfere with your lifestyle. So parents everywhere are seen with their infants: in grocery stores, restaurants, the home of friends.....and for the unflappable, at cocktail parties, dinner affairs, even cross-country trips. Although some of these examples may appear to be extreme, be advised, new mothers, that the pressure is on to be a "nouvelle" mom."
Here is another practical point from the book that I found quite interesting.
"When you maintain a healthy nap schedule and your child sleeps well during the day, jealous friends will accuse you of being overprotective. They'll say, "Its not real life" or "Bring him along so he can learn how to play with other children" or "You're really spoiling him." Suggestion: Change friends, or keep your baby's long nap a family secret."
One of the suggestions from Dr. Wiessbluth to develop healthy sleep habbits is to put your child to sleep early. Yes, like around 6:45 pm, he also mentions that when you start to see the "Pre-Zss" coming along, such as the yawning and the rubbing of their eyes, it is too late to put them to bed.
Oh and by the way it isn't true that your kid will wake up earlier if you put him/her to bed earlier.
So last night I was so tired of him kicking. And I put him in his bed and he woke up crying for about 5 minutes, then he went to his bed and fell asleep immediatley. A few cries wont hurt if eveyrone can get a good night sleep.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The New Presidency

Thomas S. Monson, 80, is now the new president of the Church. His counselors are President Henry B. Eyring, 74, and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, 67. Last night when I was reading the news on the church's website I could not believe how old all the members of the the new presidency were. They don't look very old at all. It was about five years ago when I saw President Erying here in Texas and he looks so young. I did not think any of them were older than seventy years old. They really keep themselves looking great. I am so excited about this new beginning. I can't wait and see in what direction President Monson will direct his new administration.