Thursday, March 27, 2008

11 Weeks 4 Days...................

I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. According to the doctor everything looks good. At this new facility I get checked at I don't get a sonogram every month like I did with Bradley. However, we did check for the heart beat and it was going crazy. I had almost forgotten what it was like to be pregnant until I started to get morning sickness. It isn't terrible until I skip meal or I am still up and it is late at night. Just Saturday I found what helps me feel better. If I have a dill or hot and spicy pickel at night I feel so good. I thought the bitter pickel juice was going to make my stomach burn but I was surprised when I felt better instantly. My mom told me that she had very tart and sour craving when she was expecting me and she would eat "Tamarindo". It's a fruit which I don't like much but it is very tart and bitter. So my guess is that I am having a girl because of the craving coincidence.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!!

This year Easter was extra special for me. I don't know why I felt it was extra special but it was. I really enjoyed the talks I heard in Sacrament and all the talks through the day. I guess it was because I don't get to sit in Sacrament too often without any interruptions. I can't wait until little Bradley is able to sit through the meeting. Anyhow, I really enjoy this Sunday. After church we took a nap while Brad watched the UT Basketball game, which by the way the Horns won!! Then we went to my in-laws where little Bradley had another Easter Egg Hunt. He has been to a couple of other Easter Egg Hunts and his interest to get the eggs is slowly getting better. At the first Easter Egg Hunt at Katie's he picked up a few eggs and then he decided he needed to play with other toys. Then on Saturday our ward had an Easter Egg Hunt at a Brightwater Park and he though the slides and swings were far more interesting than the colorful Easter Eggs. I guess he will understand this concept better as he developes a stronger sweet tooth. As for now candy isn't all that attractive to him. It was fun to spend time with family on Sunday and to have Brad with us. I love Easter Sunday's they totally put things into perspective for me. I know every Sunday should be an Easter Sunday or at least the same reverance we feel on this special day should follow every Sunday but it isn't always this way. I hope this feeling about the Savior's love for me perpetuates in my heart for a long time. I guess sometimes we forget how much he loves us and how much pain he endured for us. I forget quite often how much our Father Heavan loves us too, but I am so glad I can go to church on Sunday or spark an interesting conversation with my hubby to refresh my memory.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Getting Busy

So lateley I thought I did not have much to do, or I have not felt like doing much around my house but my calling has kept me very busy. I am so excited that the Relief Society Birthday Party is all over. I am looking foward to the upcoming activities the Enrichment Board will be coming up with. Anhow, I am so grateful for all the wonderful people that helped me in the Relief Society Birthday Party. Everyone did a great job and the place looked beautiful. I am also very grateful for all those who helped prepared the food and the yummy cakes. I am also thankful for all the people who participated in the program. I love my ward and I love serving the women of our ward.


We just returned from our first family camping experiece. It was so much fun. Some of the families in our ward reserved several campsites at McKinney Falls State Park and we joined them for one night. It was a great experience for all of us. Little Bradley ran around non stop almost all evening. We shared a campsite with two other families. One of the families has two boys who are Bradley's buddies so he just had a blast. Little Bradley did not like sleeping in the tent at first but then he finally crashed at 9:30 PM and so did the other kids. We had the rest of the evenig to enjoy with the other adults. We just sat around and chatted. We heard some real funny missionary experiences and of course we talked about our favorite T.V. show "The Offiice". We could not have a fire, but we still had some smores cooked out of our friend's little camping stove. We used Christmas lights to make the campsite brighter. Even though we could not have a fire it was real fun. I thought I was going to have a hard time entertaining little Bradley but he did just fine. Our friends have a huge tent and they brought and inflatable mattress that was real tall and the kids would go in there and get on the mattress when they had enough of the outside. We learned a few things after this experience. Next time we will have and infaltable mattress to sleep on and we will get Little Bradley a little lawn share. We have been contemplating on getting bicycles for ourselves because we have none and that is always fun to have when you go camping so we can ride around in the park's trails. I think we all really enjoyed this experience. It was really the first time I have been camping here in Texas. This park is a little too close to the city and the airport and at night we heard a lot of airplanes, helicopters, and sirens. We also had a close rodent encounter. At about 4:00 AM I really needed to go to the restroom but I was too afraid because I heard a squirrel or racoon get into the bag of marshmellows we left out. As I was leaving the tent to go to the restroom with Brad, Bradley woke up and he screamed bloody murder for almost 15 minutes. He fortunately went back to bed. Overall it was a real fun experience. We want to do this again in about two weeks. Brad is going to go teach CPR to a group of Boys Scouts and we want to join them for camping for one night. We will see if we can join them. Since we are not going to go to Utah for Lizzie's Graduation we may take advantage of the day Brad has off the last week in April and go down to Enchanted Rock, or Garner State Park. Either way we will have tons of fun.