Monday, June 30, 2008

Immunity for Mothers

So, I have had a terrible cold and cough since last Monday. I thought I was not suppose to get sick while I was pregnant. Well, I guess it is only myth because this cough has really knocked me out. I am so weak lately, I don't feel like I get enough sleep and to top things off I can not take a cat nap while Little Bradley is awake. If I even doze off for a minute he comes from behind or somewhere and screams, "Wake Up! Mama!!". I can't wait to have flavor in my mouth again, I love the taste of food. I was so glad and very grateful my mom was here at the peak of my illness. I love my mom, she made a chicken soup for me and little Bradley. It is so nice to have somenoe take care of you. My mom spoils me when I am sick. I like being spoiled, I wished she was here more often to take care of me when I feel so yukky!! I guess I took my mom's spoils for granted when I was in college and when I was younger or maybe I appreciate it more now, because I have that same responsibility with my children and my husband. I think MOTHERS should be immune to all sorts of illnesses.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Latest Creation

Father's Day really sparked one of my least used abilities. My "craftiness". I don't usually scrapbook or do any of those cute chic stuff, just because I don't feel like I am creative enough, or maybe it is because I set my bar too high and I am not satisfied with my work until I am completely worn out and it is time to put the glue stick away. So on Father's Day, I completely spaced out and I did not get my father-in-law a card. Fortunately, I had enough time to make him a card before we went to my in-laws. I don't have a picture of the card but I will get one up soon. But to say the least, a few weeks ago, I had spoken with my sister and she mentioned she had gotten me a CriCut Personal Cutter. Now, I kind of brushed it off because I really did not know what it was, but I was very grateful for her gift. So my mom brought it home yesterday and I am just so excited about all th fun stuff I can do. So in honor of my sister's generous gift I made her a card, and here it is.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

This year Father's Day was a very speical occassion for me. I had the opportunity to translate in Sacarament Meeting again and I was able to hear some great talks that honor fatherhood. I guess I never cared much for this holiday since I did not have a father growing up, and when I did have a father figure (my step dad Chuck) it did not last very long. In fact my plan was to be a hard working single mother much like my mother. I would have to say that back then I would have agreed with the anthropologist Margaret Mead who simple stated that for humans, the role of a father was a social creation, or simply that beyond mating the father had not biological necessity. Boy was that woman wrong, she must have had some men issues. Anyhow, I am just glad to say that although it was hard to get away from that crazy mindset, I am genuinely able to recognize the importance of a father,even more so after having children. I just love that my children have such a wonderful father. Brad is such a great dad, he not only works so hard for us but he loves us so much. I love that he wants to protect us too. Just last month we got an alarm system because I sometimes am alone at home. He also calls me every night before going to bed when he is at work. He always asks me: Did you let the dog in, did you lock all the doors, did you set the alarm? I guess I am just so used to him saying that, that I took it for granted. But I am so grateful he does this little check ups. Not only is he protective but he is so loving. He loves having his little handy man come and help him with all sorts of projects. I know that Brad will make great memories for our children. He is such a fun dad, just like his dad was with him. My father-in-law has also contributed to many of my little boy's great moments. Bradley always looks for his grandpa when we go to his home. I am just so grateful that my son has many wonderful men that surround him and will teach him to be a great husband and father. I am so glad we have fathers, they are not just social creation necessity, a father's role extends to the realm of eternity.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday To Me!!

Hip! Hip! Hurray!! I am 28 !! I am so excited about my birthday. My hubby took me out to breakfast to Kerby Lane and of course he got me the WII Fit. I was really not expecting this at all, because I have ballooned up with the pregnancy. However, I am very excited he got it because I will be able to get back into shape after the baby is born. I did try some of the exercises on the WII Fit this morning and last night and I am excited to announce that at six months along of pregnancy the WII Fit has diagnosed me at an almost perfect BMI. My goal on the WII Fit is to gain weight and I think I can accomplish that. HE! He! Anyhow, I am just so grateful to be where I am in life now. I have grown much since I got married and even more since I had a child. Life could not be better than I know it now.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Its ok to bend over I am a DOCTOR!!

Congratulations Derly!!!
We are so very proud of my dearest friend Derly he has completed four strenuous years of medical school and now he off to new and exciting adventures. He is taking a year off and will try to regain his sanity and go back to the crazy world of doctors. He deserves some time off. I have known Derly since we were in middle school. We have been best buddies forever. We did everything together, from summer camps, to debate, to magic shows. He even joined Brad and I partially on our honeymoon. LOL!! Well, technically we were not yet on the honeymoon but we actually dropped him off in Houston four years ago when he was about to start medical school. We have been so blessed to have him in our lives. He is an incredible young man, so if anyone knows of any beautiful ladies who are interested in a charming Hispanic young man with an MD, please submit all your request to me. Now is the time! He! He! Anyhow, it was great to also see his family and other other friends at his graduation.

Watch out he is a Doctor!

Here I am with my two buddies fro middle school. I just love that we have kept in touch throughout the years and that we always try to get together to celebrate our happiness. These guys are like my little brothers.

Road Trip

Every year since Brad and I have been married we have taken a vacation, but this year with the baby coming we have decided to make our vacation those short trips to celebrate family and friend's success. This weekend we went to Houston for my best friend's medical school graduation. We also did a lot of catching up with family. Brad had never met my step-sister Cindy and her husband Denny. We spent the night at their home on Friday night. We stayed up real late talking about all sorts of stuff. Brad has decided that we have to return to Houston and spend some more time with them. They truly are so much fun. I also saw a niece of mine who is expecting her baby the day after I am. It was so great to see them all. They have always been so wonderful to me and to my mom. I am so glad they now know Brad and little BradleY.
Little Braldey really enjoyed meeting everyone. He especially like the cats that come to Cindy and Denny's house and he loved their pool. We did not have much time to jump in the pool but he kept eyeing their pool. We will have to go back spend some more time with them. Like I said Brad is excited to return and go fishing with Denny. I am so glad he is excited about this because there are not too many things Brad likes to do, other than sleep and play video games. On our way back home from Houston we started planning out a very Special Father's Day for him which consist of: sleeping in late, playing video games all day, and nap in and out throughout the day, and eating pizza wheels. I am going to start looking for one of those hats that hold our drinks on the sides and have long straws so he does not even pick up his drink.