Friday, November 21, 2008

My Two Cents

Mormon Chapter 3.
So now Mormon is not going to lead the Nephites against the Lamanites beacause after being spared three times the Nephites will not repent. Now, how frustrating is this for Mormon. I bet that is how Heavanly Father feels about us when don't listen. So Mormon has done his share, he prays for his people, and they don't listen. He refuses to lead his people into battle and he becomes an observer of the destruction of his people. He also comments on the judgement seat, and how we all have to face it.
"And I did cry unto this people, but it was in vain; and they did not realize that it was the Lord that had spared them, and granted unto them a chance for repentance. And behold they did harden their hearts against the Lord their God." (Mormon 3:3)
How many times have we been granted unto us a a second chance? I am so guilty about this one, but I am glad that I recognize that opportunity and I take it. Unfortunatley I have met people who don't. My grand-aunt was one of these people(not the one that was at church on Sunday). She had a chance to be an at stay home mom, after she married my grand-uncle, who took her in with 9 children none of which were his. It was too bad that instead of learning the trades of a housewife, she spent most of most of her time drinking with drinking buddies while her husband waited for her at home. I remember that sometimes she would be so drunk that he would have to tuck her in bed. I have a feeling that my grand-uncle truly loved her and hoped that someday she would change her ways. The bottom line is that she never did. With 9 children they could have had a beautiful family. Oh the things the kids would have learned from my grand-uncle. They could have learned how to play the piono, and how to paint. My grand-uncle was a self-learned person. He worked many years for the Rail Road, after his retirement he married my grand-aunt and he picked up Norwegian, taught himself how to play the piano, and how to paint beautiful landscapes on canvas. It is incredible how one person's decision affects so many.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What the Scriptures Taught Me Today?

Okay, so two Sundays Darren Hyatt gave a talk about scripture study. He mentioned that if we are not consistent with our scripture then we don't get the big picture, sort of like a television sitcom, if we were to view our favorite tv show once every month, we probably would not be able to follow it very well. Same with our scripture study. I have experienced it first hand. I will start reading my sciptures one day and then not read again for another two days, well then I spend most of my time retracing what I already read two days ago, and so my progress is slowed down. Although Brother Hyatt made a spectacular comparison on our scripture study, Iwould like to compare it to our bodies. So two days ago I worked out pretty intensely, I did some serious beginners yoga, the following day my body still remembered my workout, by day four my body will have forgotten about it. I remember reading somewhere that your muscles build up with consistant exercise, but if you stop and don't return to your workout routine after four days you loose endurance, muscle stregnth, so you are back to square one. Anyhow, about scripture study, I have been doing it. I won't say diligently but more often than I have in the past. So I decided to follow the Sunday school schedule. I did not get far in the Book of Mormon, when I came across this:"And it came to pass that I did speak unto my people, and did urge them with great energy, that they would stand boldly against the Lamanites and fight for their wives, and their children, and their houses, and their homes." (Mormon2:23). I just love how Mormon specified houses and homes. It got me thinking about how the word house and home in Spanish are not the same. A house is the actual structure and home is a place individuals make special family bond. It is very unfortunate that today there many beautiful houses that do not house those special family bonds. So there's my two cents for the day. I hope that I can continue to put in my two cents every once in a while.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving

So I had a very well thought out post for today, but after finding out that my blog's background was mysteriously deleted, I spent most of my time figuring that out and now I can't remember what I was going to write. I can't remember where I was going, with my title that has nothing to do with what I am currently posting. Except, that I have been making my home a little more beautiful. Lately I have been spending a lot of my time at KOHL'S buying everyone's Christmas gifts and frames for my home. Call me frugal, but KOHL'S rocks when it comes to home decor. I always find great deals there. Of course, you won't find me there unless an item is 50% Off, or I have a 30% Off coupon. If I keep writing, I am bound to remember where this email was originally going. So getting ready for Thanksgiving...I think what I was going to say is that I have a lot to do with the Enrichment Christmas Party coming up, and that my Chancho was very sick yesterday, let us hope he does not pass it on to any us especially little Sam.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let Freedom Ring

Last night I was too exhausted and I did not get to post how I spent my Veteran's Day. First Bradley had a buddy of his come and played with him. They boys had a great time. Then I was off to a service project in Georgetown. After the service activity, I picked up a pizza and went home for dinner. After dinner I went Visiting Teaching. So Veteran's Day was a wonderful day of service for me. I am very grateful for all those men and women who voluntarily serve to protect us. I know that if I lived in another country I would not have the freedom and safety to do all the things I was able to do yesterday. I am grateful that I can feel safe at home all the time, that I can travel on a huge highway to multiple nearby cities without having to pass check points. We truly live in the promise land. It is too bad that too many forget about that more often than not.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Keeping the Tradition Alive!!

So this year I have had several epiphanies and one of them is making traditions for my family. My husband's family f has many family traditions that fortunately have been passed down to my children and me. Holloween is one of them. The night before Halloween we get together to carve pumpkins and on Hollween my in-laws set a projector showing " It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". We also have sloppy joes for dinner. Little Bradley and I also went to our ward's Trunk or Treat. I came to the conclusion that next year I will have to decorate my car to give out candy at the Trunk or Treat.

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