Thursday, December 18, 2008

Little Sam at 3 months

Here he is. He is almost 12.5 lbs. I can't believe he has recovered so well. He is so adorable. These days he has started to recognize faces. He loves littl Bradley. He is eating tons, I don't understand how come I don't loose more weight. He is so adorable and sweet. He coos and laughs all the time. We are just loving having a sweet little angel in our home. He always has a lot to talk about.
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Making Memories

Every year just before Christmas we take a family picture. I love to see how our family changes every year. This year we have added a couple of more traditions since little Bradley is old enough to remember things. We visited Santa Claus, we have gone out at night to see Christmas lights, we have lots of cookies and soups to keep us warm. We put on a fire on our fire place, and we watch the ABC Family Specials. We also buy a Hallmark Christmas ornament.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Claus lives in my neighborhood

This evening we decided to visit Santa Claus. This will be Bradley's first visit with Santa. Last year the lines at the mall were too long and the pictures were too expensive. I am glad this nice old man does this for the children. He sits outside of his home on his sleigh and lets people visit him and take pictures, totally free of charge. He lives about three blocks from our house. I understand he starts growing his beard in July. Little Bradley was a little skeptical about this character but once Santa gave him a candy cane he was alright. I think we are going to go back and take a family piture with Santa.
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Como Laredo, No Hay Dos

On Monday my brother and I were in Laredo for a very short visit and a long business trip. Anyhow, my brother had to visit several of the state offices in Laredo for some documents he had to pick up. While we were in some of those offices we suddenly notice that the national language had changed. Most of the people in those offices were speaking Spanish. Wait a minute, it was more like Spanglish. Check how this conversation went between to state employees:
"Hey vato, watchates el game de los Cowboys yesterday?"

"Si, nombre they lost bien feo!"

"Pero it was good que este juego no cuenta."

"I know, pero they still played well."

WARNING: Be fluent in Spanglish

While we were there we also forgot that people don't know how to read street signs. My brother needed to get some money out from his bank, so we went in search of his bank. When we found it we had to drive around a while because the bank only has one entrance and one exit. It is almost like drive-thru. Once we got in the bank's parking lot, a fool came in from the exit, drove head on to us, then took our parking space. My guess is as good as yours, the fool must have been an illiterate who could not read the big sign that says EXIT ONLY!!

Hene our warm welcome to Laredo.

Aunts are like mom, but Cooler!!

After the Madness

The Relief Society Christmas Enrichment Dinner was a great hit. We all had a blast. I am so glad it is all over with. I believe everyone was very happy. Stacey Bean best expresses how we all felt after the evening was ove. This is a combination of relief and excitment.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We looked out the window and what did we see....

... firetruck parked right in front of our house.
Our neighbors were getting an irrigation system (sprinklers) installed and as they started digging for the water lines to be layed down they hit the gas line. So the firetruck will be in front of our house for a while. A few years ago when Brad worked for Round Rock FD he came home in the firetruck and our little neighbor from across the street was still little and he was thrilled to see a firetruck in front of his house. You should have seen the smile Bradley had when he saw the truck parked outside of the house.

Monday, December 1, 2008

May my Desktop Rest in Pieces

On Sunday morning at around 3:30 AM I woke up to the congested cries of my two month old baby. I figured that changing his diaper and feeding him would help relief him from his restless night just a tad. After putting him down again for the fifth time that night Idecided to stay up since I would be up again within a few hours to get ready for church. So I proceded to edit a project on my computer for our Enrichment Chrismtas Party. Suddenly my computer froze. I did not think much of it since I had experieced the freezing part before. I tried to Ctrl, Alt, Delete. Nothing was happening, so I proceded to manually shut down my computer. Before I knew it I was beginning to experience the five stages of grief:
First Denial
" No way this is not happening to me. This just can't happen to me, the computer is probably overheated."
Second Anger
After multiple tries of restarting my computer I muttered, " I should have just gone back to bed, what was I thinking, it is 4:00 AM!"
Third Bargaining
"Heavanly Father, please help me get this computer working, I have been working long hours on my Enrichment presentation. If I can get this powerpoint presentation I promise I won't mess any computer again."
Fourth Depression
"Oh no, it is not just my Enrichment presentation, what is going to happen to all my families pictures, and my finances. Oh, no, I am is so much trouble, how in the world am I going to file my income tax this year. "
Fifth Acceptance
"Maybe not all is lost, maybe I can still recover my files, I guess it was my turn to learn my lesson. I should start backing up my files more often. I guess never realized how many important files I had in there. "
Lesson well learned.
Back up your files, often.