Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

So it's finally done!!

After almost four months, I finally had a chance to get around to my Family Home Evening Board. I ordered four FHE board, and they are finally done. I did two in Spanish and two in English. Here is mine. I love it, and can't wait to make more magnets for the board. I am planning on doing some with our pictures, and some with some for the holidays.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


For those of you who know little Bradley, AKA: Chancho, here are a few of his latest Chanchoisms:
" You want to play me"= "Do you want to play with me?"
"I scoresed!!"= "I scored!!"
"Oh my goodness!"
" That's COOL!!"
"Play Wii, guns, puter?"(daily)

Happy Birthday Little Bradley!!

Today we were suppose to have a birthday party for little Bradley. Unfortunately, big Brad was sick, and we did not want to get any kids sick. But he still had a good time. Last night the boys (Uncle Chris, Uncle Tom, Bryce, and Dad) played video games. So the party started too early. Someone had to pay the price for staying up late, and that was Brad. I guess he has not completely recovered from bad cough and staying up late was not good combination. But little Bradley did receive lots of visitors, Ashely came a dropped off a gift, Becky and Chris came to play, and Grandma and Grandpa brought Chancho him a power wheel, then our neighbor came and brought him a gift which he has yet to see. Although we did not officially celebrate his bday today it felt like it. I just can't believe that he is three, now he talks and runs. Although little Bradley is a busy body and wears me out, he also has a very sweet and loving side to him. He reminds me daily about kindness, and forgiveness. He has such a tender heart. Just the other night after he was put in time out, he heard his little brother crying in his crib, and he turned on his mobile, and said " Here you go little Sammy, it's all better." I am so very blessed to know that Bradley has taken little Sam under his wing and loves him so much.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is what happens when you turn 30!!

So I have been thinking that I should give Brad a huge party for his 30th birthday. However, he had to spoil it by getting sick. Every winter Brad gets very sick, we thought we had outsmart his weak immunity this year, unfortunately he got sick again. He is on some serious cough medicine that makes him look very funny, and act very strange. He walks around as if he is a zombie. I do not trust him holding baby Sam when he is under the influence of "cough syrup". So for that very special father and husband. Happy 30th Birthday!! We celebrated Brad's 30th birthday at my mother in law's house, despite the bad cough and funny looks Brad had. We had a total Brad Birthday Blast. He had a combination birthday theme of Miley Cyrus and Thomas the little Engine Tank. We played pin the number on Thomas. We had some awesome pizza wheels and some yummy cake. For those of you who know Brad best, he received the best gifts ever. His mom stocked him up with all sorts of candies that he loves. Candies that I have never in my life heard of but he is so very familiar with. There was so much candy that I think we have the sweets part covered in our three month food storage supply. You see, at home not only am I notoriously known for loosing keys but for being the sweets-patrol. He also got the "Scene It" game for his XBOX. This could not be a better birthday, sweets and videogames.

Monday, January 5, 2009

How to Break a Bad Habit in 10 Simple Steps?

At home I am notoriously known for loosing my car's keys. At one point I used to leave them in the engine while my car was parked in the garage, but after we changed car's I locked my keys in the new car. So after that I decided that I would always take the keys out and hang them out our key rack. So I can say that I was doing well until, I had a second child. Now that I have to get a car seat out of the car I always put the keys in my pant's pocket. Anyhow,to make this long story short. Yesterday, I was feeling very confident. Everything was going smoothly, the kids and Dad were dressed, fed, and happy. Since Brad was going to drive I was going to work on my makeup in the car. We all got in the car at exactly 8:45 a.m. When I heard the infamous words" Where are the keys?".

So here are the steps on how to break the habbit of loosing your car's keys:

1st: Plan a very important event for your family (i.e. Child's Blessing)

2nd: Panic and a lot when you realize you can't remember where you last saw the keys.

3rd: Jump out of the car and start looking for the keys frantically.

4th: Call your father-law to give you a ride to church because the keys are no where to be found.

5th: Be late for the important family event.

6th: Invite your family for brunch after important family event.

7th: Finally after everyone has left say a little prayer and start to look for the keys calmly.

8th: Retrace your steps.

9th: So I finall found the keys. They were where I last put them. In my pant's pocket. Although on step #3 I had looked in my pants but again I did it frantically that I missed them completely.

10th: Say a little prayer and be thankful!!

I promise I will not loose my keys again, at least not at home.