Monday, April 13, 2009

April Showers

What has been going on in our lives in April. Lots has happened in our lives since I last posted something here. We finally got all the doors in the house in. Something I have been waiting for a long time. I love how the back door and our kitchen door to the garage look. They bring in tons of light, and now that that the doors are in we put the house on the market. This will be my first time selling a house. I have to the conclusion that I don't like uncertainty. Just last month my marriage made a brakethrough and now I feel like another aspect of my life is working on a breakthrough. Other than moving we have already had a lot of fun in the 13 days of April. On April 1st we had a ton of visitors in our house. We had our pest control guy come over, our house alarm repair tech come, the roof inspector, and we also had two visitors my high school friend and Anden, Bradley nursery friend. We also had a chance to take pictures in the bluebonnets. My goal is to have our little family take pictures in the bluebonnets someday. I have been doing a bit of babysitting this month too. I think that babysitting is a great thing especially if your youngest is to young to play with your oldest. I think I will do this until little brother is old enough to play with his big brother.

As I was reviewing my post, I realized I skipped a very important part of this month. This month we suffered the loss of a wonderful woman in our family. Brad's Grandma Rachel Summers. I got to meet and spent some time with Grandma Summers. WOW! This woman lived a phenomenal life. She was a great example for us all. She lived the gospel and literally lived it. Brad was able to travel up to Oregon for the funeral. He said that all of his 200 plus cousins and second cousins were present. Rachel Summers will definitely be missed but her memory will never be forgotten.

On a happier note, the weekend following grandma's funeral our dear Lizzy got married in the San Antonio Temple. She looked stunning with her wedding dress. And we could not be happier for her. Brandon is a lucky guy and I am sure Lizzy is too. Micki as usual out did herself with the reception decorations. The whole thing was beautiful.