Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I love Father's Day. It is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. I don't remember celebrating Father's Day as I was growing up. I don't think I even knew there was a day to celebrate this special occasion. If I think back it was probably because 1) I grew up without a Father 2) this holiday is celebrated during the summer and I never had anyone introduce me to this event (unlike mother's day when I was still in school and my teacher's always had a craft of some sort or another to take home for mom) 3) during the summer I was shipped off to my grand-aunts in Mexico City of whom 1/2 of them were widows or divorced. And even when my step-dad was around I don't remember celebrating this holiday. It just wasn't a big deal. Anyhow, my first recollection of Father's Day was soon after I got married. I remember that my sister-in-law who is my age came to my in-law's house and brought her dad a paper tie she had colored or cut in primary. I thought that was so cute. I wondered in that moment, how cool must it have been growing up with a Dad like Sam. I know that the absence of a father figure in my life had some affects in me. But I am glad I was able to recognize that and move on with my life. Although I did not have that permanent father figure in my life I am so glad my husband did, because if it had not been for his Dad I don't know if Brad would be that splendid Dad he is now. So now we make a big deal. I love looking for Father's Day cards or making cards. This year Brad got this video, a card from Chancho, and he will get a bike. I wanted to get him a fishing pole, I probably still will get him a fishing pole. I think that on Father's Day Brad will start getting more and more gifts that will help him spend more time as a Father.

Not only did I make a card for Brad but I made little cards for the kids in nursery to give to their Dads.

Monday, June 15, 2009

29 isn't so bad...

I think this 29th year will be great.  I am already planning many things. I am looking forward to meeting Brad's family for the reunion.  I am also very excited and looking forward to have Bradley be part of preschool program.  I plan on training for a 1/2 marathon again, and actually run the darn thing in February.  And of course this year I will probably do some painting in the house if we don't sell.