Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Broken House

Moving is a great way to start fresh. But this move is taking so long. It has not been the most pleasant experience. The last time I moved was when I was recently married. I moved from my college apartment to this lovely home. I did not have much. I had a bed, a couch, and a computer table. Some dishes and my clothing. Moving was a breeze. But those days are long gone. Since then, I have aquired a washer and dryer, a fridge, a new computer table, a sectional couch, an etertainment center, a bedroom set, and two boys and all the stuff that comes along with them. This move has taught me some very important lessons. 1) Never move when your children are between the ages of 8 months and 3 years. 2)Prearrange babysitting, otherwise don't expect to pack too much. 3)Next time you move make sure you can move in to your new home on or before the closing date of your old home. 4) If you live in Texas, the summers is not a good time to move, it is scourging hot!!! 5) Make sure your AC works while you are preparing to move, while you are moving and after you moved. 6) Potty train your children and emphasize on the quantity of toilet paper that should be flushed down the toilet. 7) Prepare for some serious whining from your children, they know something is up. 8)Plan on living in your new home for 20 years. After this week, I think we all need a vacation. This move has been especially hard for little Bradley. He has clings onto me and Brad. He told Tom the other day tha his house was broken. I can't wait to move into the new house and fix his house again. I think he is going to love this new place but it will take some time to get adjusted.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thank Heaven for Little Boys

Two weeks ago we got the phone call from our realtor:
"Brad and Maggie, Someone put in an offer on your house, call me back to discuss the offer."
Brad and I were shocked. Speechless! Because just a few days before Brad and I had talked about giving our realtor the boot and taking the house off the market. We conviced ourselves that we could certainly live in this house a few more years. Why move? We love our neighbors, we love our ward, we love the schools in the area, there are just so many things we both love about the location of the house and the house itself. I told myself, who has not lived a little cramped. And we looked for every excuse on the book to not leave our beloved home. We even postponed an open house.
So we decided to play the counter offer game. We finally got a reasonable price for our beloved home. But of course "reasonable" always comes with an addendum. Ours was to close by the 31st of July. Lovely!
Now I only had exactly 31 days to find a house. We found one. Now we had 30 days to close on a house. It was a nice house. Big lot, older home, upgraded (sprinkler system, new kitchen), and livable. Sent in the offer and we played a little more counter offering games and got it. We schedule the new house to be inspected to finalize our contract.
This is where things took a turn from bad to worse. The inspection results were not pretty. Major work needed to be done in this house. We are absolutely not afraid of hardwork, we have been there and done that. But the sellers were not willing negotiate any of the changes that by code needed to be addressed. So we backed out of the contract.
Now we are homeless! We quickly looked for another realtor (same broker) to help us find a house. Fortunately we weren't able to see too many houses last Friday because our new realtor was coming back from some girls camp. But she did manage to send us the latest listing.
Only two houses had been added to that very narrow search that met all our needs.
So I scheduled to see those two houses without Brad because he had to work. Brad made sure I was well accompanied by two experts in house hunting, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. As soon as we walked in the first house it was everything we (as in me and my expert advisors) wanted and then some. We walked through it, loved it, loved it, loved it. I walked out of that house and very confidently I told the new realtor that I wanted to make an offer and I wanted to make an offer now. That I did not want to go see that other house. Fortunately my experts brought some sense into me and advised me to go see the other house as a backup. All I can say is that I was too excited about the first house. My realtor did not expect that I make an offer on the house so she had to run home and pick up her kids, so she told me to run home and pick up some papers to make the offer official and to meet her at the office to submit the offer.
The offer is submitted, but the seller's realtor has disappear...and this is where the wait begins.
Something I learned about me this weekend ... I am not very patient. So we submitted the offer in the morning at about 10:30AM by noon the realtor was still not responding. 1 rolls around, 2 rolls around, and 2:30pm rolls around. I picked up Bradley from my in-laws and on my way home I decide to visit the owners of the house. I politely asked them if they had another contact to their realtor. They did, they gave me the number to a developing agency. While I quickly visited with the owners I had my kids in the car with the a/c blasting and and the driver's door open to hear the screams. The elderly couple invited me in but I said I couldn't because the kids were in the car and wet from being in the pool and they asked how many kids I had. I said I have two boys one is 10 months and the other one is 3 years old. They smile and told me that two little boys had grown up in that house, their two boys. I thought that was an awesome coincidence. I thanked them so much for the new information and went my maggie crazy way. I gave my realtor all the info so she could reach the seller's realtor. 9:00PM and still no seller's agent. I knew that I would not know any news until Sunday after church. As soon as I got home I called Brad to see if our realtor had any news. He reported that after all our work someone had beat us to put in the first offer. I WAS DEVASTATED! But he reassured me that there was some hope because I had put in a full offer. So the realtor would present both offers to the buyers. Monday morning with only 18 days to move out I got the good news. All I have to say from this experience is..'Thank Heaven for little boys'. I think that that is what sealed our deal.
So here are the details of the house. We are now moving to a new and improved house. We are going from 1977 to 1978. From a drive to a cove (culde sac), from no trees and no grass to two matured peacan trees and lots of grass and shade. From no laundry room to an awesome mud room/laundry room. From a 3 bedroom to a 4 bedroom and from a 2 bath to a 2.5 bath. You guys get the idea. It is lovely. Much work lies ahead for us. But nothing that a little elbow grease can't change.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Fourth!!

This year Brad was off from work to spend partially Fourth of July with us. We first had an awesome breakfast at my in-laws house. They invited a few friends and the family. It was great to see so much patriotism. After breakfast we said the Pledge of Alligence and then we headed off to the parade. Last year was our first year as a family to watch the parade, since then we have made it a family tradition. The parade this year was a bit confusing, people were running back and forth from one side of the street to the other because we did not know on which side of Main Street the parade was going to be on. Although we were late to set up and find a shady area to sit and watch the parade things seemed to have worked out better for us. We were sitting in the median of Main Street in Old Round Rock, so all we did was turn our chairs around. The kids had a good time, and so did we.