Monday, August 17, 2009

Count Your Blessings, Count Them One by One

It's kind of hard to see the light through the thickness.
I have to think about some more positive things while this fiasco is going on.
1. Little Bradley threw up on Saturday but fortunately it was nothings big.
2. Little Sam threw up on Sunday but fortunately it was nothing big.
3. My boys love grandma Micki's house.
4. My dog is being well taken care of.
5. Watering my mother-in-laws plants was very therapeutic.
6. We don't have any kids that sleep in bed with us.
7. I have a great family.
9. I don't live in a hotel.
10. I can use the internet whenever I want.


I am not handling this home buying thing very well, and I guess I feel like some of my clients felt about me when I was working for the county as medical case worker. We had lots of people who would apply for this medical program. A large number of our clients were considered "indigent" so they couldn't afford to pay for their medical bills. As a case worker I was probably one of the toughest case workers. I had my handy manual by my side and if my client did not meet requirements to participate in the program based on our policies, then they were DENIED. It was a tough job, I had to deny people medical services that their lives depended on, but if the client did not meet the critireas or lied to obtain the benefits I not only had to deny them the services but to pursue legal action. It was some tough business. As I was one of the youngest case workers and I felt like I had a huge responsibility in my hands I felt afraid of making a mistake so I would study my cases left and right to make sure that my client was indeed eligible or ineligible for the program. Now I feel like I am the client and the the lenders are the Nazi Maggie. Now that I look back and think about my work I remember looking at every inch of my clients' application. In retrospect I think that was a waist of time. If I were to go back to work at the County now, I would do things so much differently and I think I would feel so much more gratification from my job, instead of feeling like the enemy. Being on the other side gives you so much more perspective.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Get a kick out of your cookies?

On Wednesday after a whole day of waiting to find out where our loan was at, just to find out it would be delayed even more, we decided to go out for dinner. We went to Hunan Lion. We have come to the conclusion that there is nothing better to sooth the soul like food after a stressful and unproductive day. Dinner was good and then we got our fortune cookies. According to our cookies we have good fortune coming our way. Brad and I always joke about the sayings on the fortune cookies, because the majority of the time we don't get any fortune statements. We usually get a Chinese proverb i.e., "Talents that are not shared are not talents", or "Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still". We think our "fortune cookies" are, well, more like funny cookies. But this Thursday we had two cookies that made us smile and gave us hope. We of course are not very superstitious but we got a kick out of our cookies.

This is what our first cookie said:

We thought this cookie was quite an amusing response regarding our home transaction situation.

Then I opened the second cookie, and it stated: Funny stuff isn't it?