Tuesday, November 17, 2009


October was full of festivities. We welcomed the autumn season by traveling. And no it was not a trip to the grocery store or the library. We, well, more like me and the boys took a little trip to the Houston area. We went to a friend's wedding. My friend Merlin whom I've known since middle school tied the knot to his sweetheart. At the wedding I was so glad to reunite with old friends and to catch up with close friends. The following day we went to visit my step sisters in Houston. Coincidentally my niece was having a birthday party for her little boy who is Sammy's age. It was at this fun place where there are lots of tunnels and padded walls where kids can bounce off the walls. Bradley had a blast at this place, surprisingly he did not fuss when we had to leave. My guess is that he was ready to go home after a long weekend.

The next few weeks we simply waited with anticipation for Halloween. Bradley was so excited about being a Firefighter, and Sammy was just content that his outfit would keep him warm. The weekend before Halloween our ward had a Trunk or Treat. Our ward's Trunk or Treat was so much fun and the food was delicious. There was a Chili Cook Off and it was perfect for the cool weather.

For Halloween we went to visit our old neighborhood and old neighbors. Then we headed to my in-laws where we roasted marshmellows on a fire pit and watched movies on a projector. This is a family tradition which we all very much enjoy.