Sunday, February 7, 2010


January is always a very busy month for us. We have lots to celebrate. We kicked it off with an awesome New Year's Eve. This was one of the better New Year's for us because Brad was not working and little B is starting to understand what a new years is. I usually try to make new year's resolutions but this year I got so busy that I forgot to even write a list or think of anything. This month Brad had a birthday and Little B did too. We had to wait to celebrate Brad's birthday because he wasn't feeling so good. As for Little B well he celebrated more than enough. We celebrated his birthday at Grandma's on his actual birthday and then he had a little birthday party at Jungle Java. The kids had a blast!!

The following week we celebrated Brad's birthday. He got more candy than anyone can imagine.

Candy Anyone?

This month we also had a chance to hear little B say his very first of many talks at church. His topic was on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Love me. He did great sharing his message to his Primary friends, we could not be more proud of him.