Sunday, June 27, 2010

In Honor of the RED, WHITE, & BLUE

This is a replica of the latest discovery my mother-in-law found among all the new crafty blogs. Pretty neat. I really can't take much credit for this one, all I did was picked paper, cut it, and glued it. My mother-in-law welcomes the spirit of celebration by making such neat crafts. I love the Americana decor it is a great reminder of the blessings we have today.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ever since my sister bought me the cricut I have tried to make all my especial occasion cards by hand. This last Sunday I wasn't feeling so well but I managed to come up with this. This was for my father-in-law. I did one for my mom and my mother-in-law for mother's day but I still haven't taken any pictures of them.
A few months ago Little B was invited to a birthday party and I made this card for his friend. I thought the little monsters were cute because sometime little boys are a little monsters in their own little world.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cake Balls

For those of you who are interested in making these delicious cake balls, here is the recipe I used.
1 (18.25 ounce) package chocolate cake mix
  • 1 (16 ounce) container prepared chocolate frosting
  • 1 package of chocolate bark (white)

Other material:
cookie sheets
wax paper
melon scooper

1. Prepare the cake mix according to package directions using any of the recommended pan sizes. ** Let the cake cool down for about 30 minutes.
2. Crumble cake into a large bowl, and stir in the frosting until well blended.
3. Use a melon baller or small scoop to form balls of the chocolate cake mixture. Place cake balls on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Freeze the balls for about an hour.
4. Melt chocolate bark in a glass bowl in the microwave, stirring occasionally until smooth. Dip the balls in chocolate using a toothpick or fork to hold them. Place on waxed paper to set.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Slightly older in some places but still young at heart...

This past Sunday I celebrated my 30th birthday!! I don't think I could have asked for a better birthday!! The best gifts I could get I got a long time ago. I have a wonderful, hardworking husband who absolutely adores me, I have two beautiful boys who are such a joy to have and who keep me on my toes, I married into a wonderful family who has always accepted me despite my inadequacies, I have a wonderful mother who loves me and who never ceases to surprise me and a great sister who never forgets about me no matter how far we are from each other. Did I mention that I have the coolest friends anyone could have? Could I really ask for anything more? I think not. I totally love my life and I am so grateful to be where I am in life and for the people who surround me. Recently I have done some deep thinking and I have had the opportunity to see family in a different light. (These epiphanies must come as we get older and wiser. I guess getting older is pretty cool and it certainly has its advantages too. ) I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life who set great examples for me and my little family.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Work in Progress

Since we moved into this new home, I have been inspired to make this home a pleasant home to live in. I have come across a lot of ideas to decorate my home. I love looking at other people's blogs and getting ideas of what they use to get organized, and how they decorate their homes. I think it is very important to make our home a place where our children want to be at, so that no matter what is going around in their lives they always want to come home and find a place of comfort. I know this is to be true because my in-laws have made a wonderful home for their children (who are now in their 30's) and it has now extended to the in-laws (me and others) and the grandchildren. Grandma and Grandpa make their home a fun place to be at and I want my kids to feel the same way about our home. I don't think it takes a whole lot of money to make your home fun for your children. So here is what I did for Little B who loves maps. I am still working on decorating the rest of my home. I have found that when you have the right reasons for decorating your efforts are well rewarded.

Galveston Vacation

We love to go on little getaways as a family, but this year we had a couple of other priorities so it sort of set us back on a longer vacation. Initially, we had planned to go to Utah, preferably before the snow melted, but there is always next year. Instead we took a vacation closer to home, we went to Galveston. At Galveston we visited Moody Gardens. The boys absolutely loved the Aquarium Pyramid. It was amazing to see all those sea animals. Here are the boys enjoying a great view o a tiger shark.

We also went to the Rainforest Pyramid. Little B loved the birds in this pyramid.We also took a ride on an old paddle boat. We closed our day by going to a little private beach Moody Garden has. Not too shabby for a mini vacation

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Which sheep are closest to you?

A few Sundays ago I was asked to speak on charity and how it relates to tending the Lord's sheep. I wasn't given a whole lot of time to prepare for my talk, since I was called just the day prior, and though I did not have much time to prepare I feel like I pretty much touch covered the theme assigned. I rather think that I like it best to get assigned a talked just before you have to give it because it does not allow a whole lot of time to think of getting nervous and focus all my energy in preparing the talk. Anyhow, I shared to the congregation how I felt that charity is "above all attributes of godliness and perfection" the one that should be most desired. I also stressed that charity is "more than love, it is perfect love, the pure love of Christ which endureth forever, love so centered in righteousness that the possessor has no aim or desire except for the eternal welfare of his own soul and for those around him." When I read this last part in an excerpt from Elder Bruce R. McConkie, I thought of an experience I had a few years back when I was in college and I was struggling to return to the church, I remember meeting up with my bishop and talking to him and accepting me whole heartedly without any judgements nor criticism. My bishop then saw me as Heavenly Father sees me in terms of forever. And though I sold myself short and even considered myself damaged goods, my bishop just like our Father in Heaven didn't. Fortunately my bishop knew something I didn't and he always saw me as the glorious being I am capable of becoming. Now I no longer wonder why every time I spoke to him I felt edified. After I started to study this topic on charity as it relates to the Lord's shepherd's I thought that I have come across so many people in my life that are true possessors of charity and that I am extremely blessed to have them in my life. One of those people is my dear husband, when we met he saw far beyond what I thought I was capable of, he saw in me the person I never dreamed of becoming. Never in a million years did I ever think that I would love so much being at home to race my children, and though I am capable of doing so many other things such as HTML, or translating, there is no other pleasure I would rather have than to stay at home making our home a safe haven for our family and tending the Lord's sheep that are closest to me.

Customizing My Blog

I thought my blog needed a little facelift so I thought I would give a try again. I think the last time I tried to make my blog a three column blog it was about a year ago. Well, last night the storm kept me up so I figured I should so something while I was awake. So I figured I would play around with my blog. It seems now that there are so many place available to help customize our blogs. Of course I think our blogs layout and look will always be an evolving process, however, last night I felt like I computer professional geek. I finally managed to add a second sidebar and I changed the sidebar color, I customized my header (which needs a little more work), and I am working on adding a signature after each post. I learned so much in such little time I feel like my brain is overloaded, the nice thing about having this breakthrough is that I am no longer afraid to touch HTML.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Blogging

I have been trying other blogging sites but I have yet to figure them out. I now have an account with typepad, but it is very limiting unless you want to fork out a whopping $15.00 buck a month to have a professional looking website. Then I thought I would try wordpress, but there are so many functions available there that I completely lost interest after the second time I tried to post something. I think blogger is definitely for me. It is user friendly, and it gets the job done. I just wished I was able to make my blog a three column page. I have tried converting my blog into a three column site but I have failed. I have come to the conclusion that it really isn't so much the look of the site that I should worry about as much as the content of the site. So I am officially back to happy blogging.

Small and Simple Things

This last Friday Brad and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. That morning when I woke up it felt so surreal much like the morning after our wedding. I felt different I knew that that morning was the start of a my new journey with my husband. I had not felt this way in a long time. I remember waking up to a smell of newness and freshness, I felt it again on Friday, although that nostalgic smell vanished suddenly when I had to start making breakfast for the boys. It is incredible how much Brad and I have grown since we got married. At the beginning of our marriage I felt as if it was all a mystery not knowing what lied ahead of us, I think it was more a mystery for me than for him. I know Brad always knew what he wanted, and he still does. I strongly believe that his confidence in our marriage and family is what helped me align my desires with the Lord's will. This year we did not get a chance to do our romantic dinner because instead we got a lovely new front door to our house. My poor husband worked tirelessly all Friday afternoon trying to put this new 3/7 lite craftsman front door in our home. I figured that the new front door would be a wedding anniversary gift. But he had a little something up his sleeve. He snuck out to get a drink at the convenience store and he picked me up a lovely flower arrangement. As he handed me the flower arrangement he said, "Stupid door." I could sense his frustration, so I begged him to call his brother for a little help. After hours of working on the door, I decided that the least I could do to for him on our anniversary is stay up with him and clean up all that comes from replacing a door. I know that by the end of the day the last thing he wanted to be doing was to clean up. Although it was not much I felt that by serving him in this manner showed him how much I appreciate all he does for me and the boys. I realized it is these small and simple acts of kindness that makes our marriage stronger.