Monday, October 25, 2010

October Loco

I love this month. Fall is my favorite season, although now it is more work than ever, I feel like we can never finish raking enough leaves. But it is still a great month despite the work that comes with it. I have been looking foward to doing many things with the boys for this month. Usually all the business does not come until the end of the month with all the Hallow's Eve festivities, but we decided to get a head start. At the begining of the months we decided that after an unprepared and small birthday celebration for Sammy that we would take him out to see Thomas. It was a great day for a train ride. It was a fun day out with Thomas for the boys and us. We will probably do this again next year and for many more years to come.
Later in the month we visited pumpking patch right around my house and the boys thought it was great to see all the different kinds of pumpkins. However their favorite part was pulling a little wagon around. We also had a great time at our ward's Trunk or Treat. This year was so much fun with the festivities. My boys loved wearing their costumes and the weather was perfect too.

The Start of a Crazy Fall

This September was a crazy one. I had to go to Laredo because we had an unexpected death in the family and I had to drop everything to go and be with my mom. Although the death of my uncle was so sudden and quite questionanble I was able to see several family members that I had not seen in over 10 years. It was a great reunion and quite nice to be able to see my cousins from Tampico. Even though we only saw each other for a few hours I truly enjoyed their company and will cherish that moment forever, because quite frankly with how things are in Mexico I highly doubt that I will ever see them again. Upon my return home we had Little Sam's Birthday. He is now 2 yers old. I came back home just in time to have nothing prepared for him so we had a very small celebration at my in-laws for the him and my nephew Bryce. He was so excited to have us sing to him happy birthday. He was thrilled with all the gifts he got. We have discovered that he is a big fan of Thomas the Engine Tank. He goes crazy with trains.