Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June Bug!!

Although I am still trying to add pictures for May, I had to add in June before I dropped it. In June I celebrated my 31st birthday and to my surprise I don't have any pictures of it. I forgot my camera, but I had a wonderful birthday and I wanted to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes. I thought I would get myself a little something early for my birthday this year, I got myself the Cricut Expression. I had to get it, I just couldn't pass it up, I found it on Craigslist for a great deal. I told Brad that this could be my mother's day/anniversary/birthday gift, but of course he had something up his sleeve. My sweet hubby got me a much needed laptop, now that I have to share our desktop with all the kids, I have to set a schedule for everyone to take turns, but sometimes I need to look up something real quick and my kids give me the third degree look when I cut into their computer time. Yikes!! Although I don't have any birthday pictures yet, I managed to make a few things in June with my new Cricut. Hence the June Bug, I got the Cricut Bug. Here they are: