Wednesday, August 24, 2011

At last...August..

So I thought August would be a less busy and a quieter month, but I not much changed from July to August, still running around getting ready for school to start. As I started thinking about all the highlights of this months I kept adding more and more highlights. So the top 5 highlights for this months were.
1. Brad and I went to the San Antonio Temple. It had been a while since we both were together at the temple. It seems to me that once we started having our children we just never got around to going to the temple, it was one thing after another. I am so happy we were able to make it this month. I hope this become a regular occurrence in our life.
2. Sammy is potty trained!! Yay!! He is not even three yet and he pretty much did it on his own. He finally got it, he understood that diapers are for babies and he is far from a baby as he puts it. We have had some "close calls", but nothing crazy. I am so proud of our sweet little gozilla.
3. This next one was tied for number 2. Bradley is in Kindergarten, bitter sweet for me, but great for him. After much thought and praying we decided to keep him in public school and to have him in the dual language program. We went back and forth about the dual language and we decided that he is very smart and he can handle it. He also started school with a boot on his foot, after fracturing his foot by playing some very realistic Wii. 4. Bradley's performance with Texas Stars. This summer I enrolled Bradley in a little theater group and he had two performance where he did great. He was so cute!! By the way if you want to see him perform there will be another performance at the library this coming Monday at 5:30pm. Come early it is very popular and seats fill up quick.

5. Last but not least our little Carter is rolling over. Oh, boy!! I am in big trouble can't leave him alone anywhere. And he has also broken in a tooth. I was hoping to I could introduce him to some cereal and some formula, but he is not having any of that.
Over all, August has been a great month,we are excited about all of the new adventures with school and Sammy growing into big boy undies, and Carter getting bigger.

Happy July!!!

It is obvious I have fallen behind on our little blog, but just a few months. We started the month of July with our nations birthday!! We did the usual, which is always so much fun for all of us. It would have been even more fun if Papa was not working that day. We had breakfast at Grandma Micki's and then we headed out to the parade. It was very, very, hot!! But we still managed to have fun. In the evening we went to see the fireworks in Georgetown, since most of Central Texas was under a fire ban. We found a new place to see the fireworks, at a middle school, in a football field the perfect place for kids to play at.The boys did lots of swimming lessons this summer and lots of fun swimming at Grandma Micki's. During July, I did a lot of sewing. I got the sewing bug in July, and I did a few projects, I did a few valances for my kitchen and my dining room. Then I did a Cascading shirt for me. It was fun.I also worked on a couple of crayon rolls for the boys so they can take their crayons to church on Sunday. Slowly but surely I am getting better. Then we took an exciting trip to Laredo. Which by exciting I don't mean like I had a blast, but more like adventurous. On the way to Laredo, my poor little Sammy well, he was sick the whole way, and instead of a 4 hour trip it took me close to 7 hours. He managed to throw up at McD's parking lot. But once we got there well, that was another adventure fighting off the heat and keeping his fever under 100. Fun times, we were going to go to a cousin's 15th birthday party, but that did not happen. Fun times again :). Although we missed the party, we spend a lot of time with Grandma Malena and Grandpa Benny. We also visited my childhood friend, Tania and her cute little family.
Bradley is not in the picture because he got upset that we had to leave. Here is my sweet Carter with Tania. So just before we left Grandma Malena treated the boys to get haircuts. The boys have never had their haircut outside of the house so this was a totally new experience for them. Although July was fun, I was glad it was over. I was looking forward for a quieter month.