Monday, November 14, 2011

Boo Whoo!!

Next thing we knew Halloween was upon us, and so we started the Harvest season in full swing. I think one of my favorite things about this season is that we can hear General Conference, what a great blessing that is.  It sets the tone for me for the rest of the month.  But as I mentioned before we finally celebrated Sammy's birthday.  We had been storing the Thomas the Train pinata in the garage and he was anxious to get into it. He finally had a chance, although the pinata was not exactly the highlight of his birthday. He definitely left a memorable impression both on us (crazed parents) and guest as he made several Evel Knievel attempts out of his playscape slide with the tigger-mobile. I think we have a future daredevil in our hands.

Among all the festivities and madness that October brings we had a chance to get our foundation fixed.  The drought this year has made it a terrible condition for many foundations in the area, so we opted to put get that fixed and pray that next year we have more rain. It was quite the experience. The kids were very intrigued by the whole lifting of the house procedure. We got 31 steel piers put all along the perimeter of the house and had the house raised about 2-3 inches. I can't believe that 2-3 inches can be so darn costly, but at least I can sleep soundly at night knowing my house is now built-upon a rock!!

Of course there is no way my kids would ever let me live it down if we did not go to the pumpkin patch, those boys love looking at all the different kinds of pumpkins there are out there. Some with moles, some not so round, some small,  and some tall.
Finally it was Halloween, and I was one busy bee getting the boys costumes ready for two Trunk-or-Treats, one Monster Mash, one Hallows Eve.  I figured I would make the costumes since they will get plenty of use, both for the creepy holiday and here at home for playing pretend. October was a great month we love every little bit of it.

So much to do and so little time

It almost feels as if as soon as Little Bradley started school that my time has some how vanishes from under me. So last I was here it was August, and we were in full throttle with school starting. As excited as we were for Bradley to start school and to be learning Spanish, we sure miss him around here, especially Sammy. As much as they fight like cats and dogs they miss each other, maybe school has served a good purpose around here. So in September, it almost felt like we celebrated Sammy's birthday all month long, even though we weren't able to do much on his actual day. He was sick so we postponed his birthday party for a later date, which wasn't until October. However, Grandma and Grandpa Summers were able to make it to his birthday and they brought him a little surprise of which he just could not keep his eyes off. I can't believe it has already been three years since this little guy gave us all a huge scare with his tiny weight. I have to say this little guy sure knows how to keep his mom on her toes.
I know we did a lot of things in the last two months and I am so glad I have a camera that keeps better records than my brain could handle. So this is my new saying, if it is not in the pictures it did not happen. One of the things we did to complicate our lives a little more was Soccer this fall. We thought we would give it a shot since Bradley seemed to have lost interest in T-ball. We live only a few blocks from the YMCA Soccer fields and Bradley had seen the kids play soccer on those field all summer long and last spring and he practically begged me to enroll him in Soccer. As if our lives weren't busy enough, I technically volunteered myself to be the Soccer team mom. I am glad I did because most of our team showed up to all the soccer practices and games. I had heard rumors that most of the soccer teams at the YMCA end up dissolving or merging because of lack of commitment on the parents part. Since we are not member of the YMCA and I had to pay a higher enrollment fee I was not about to let that happen to Bradley's team. A few nudges (constant email reminders) on my part and two great coaches, and without doubt players with desire and committed parents was what kept this team together.After we settled in to the soccer schedule Brad and I decided we needed a much needed break.
Although we don't mind the new school schedule it can certainly be very exhausting. So we decided to go to the beach. It was a very quick get away with the kids but it was so refreshing. We didn't leave until after it was dark. We also got a chance to visit with some good friends we have down close to Galveston.