Sunday, August 26, 2012

I know.. I am lazy

Royal Bridge Gorge
Well not exactly, I have been keeping busy and have not tried to sit down to the computer to really write down my thoughts. Some thoughts that have crossed my mind lately have been about my kids. We are about to embark again on the school roller coaster and and all I can think is that last year was last year and I was a rookie at having a kid in public school.  This year Bradley won't be the only one in school, Sammy will be joining the ranks of waking up bright and early. I had not given much thought about Sammy going to school but I am glad I am starting early with him.  He is a very special kid and he needs time to adjust to new things.  Last spring we enrolled him in T-ball and he lasted all of one game and he called it quits.  This fall he suggested he wanted to play T-ball again and this time it was all self initiated, so my hope is that he stick with it. But I can't always read him, he sure is a tricky one. 

Entering Utah!!
One minute he wants a ham and cheese sandwich with mustard and two bites later and has decided he does not like ham and cheese with mustard. Arghhh!! He makes me go all pirate on him!! As fickle as he is I worry about preschool but I think he will love it when he finds out they have huge dump trucks in the play ground. So wish us luck with Sammy!! My dear Bradley he is a little more precise than Sammy, a little too precise and he is learning so much.  Sometimes he asks me questions that I would never had considered asking at his age.  He is a thinker and he is my social butterfly. He has often suggested I babysit friends kids "to help his friend's mom"(these statements usually come with an ulterior motive like a friend so he can play Wii with). Lately he has been pulling out the attorney card. Just the other day I asked him to do his chores and swiftly replied,"How about I do this and this chore, and then I can play Wii?" After that conversation I thought we may need to cut back on some Matlock. Kids these days are so smart, changing rules to fit their needs. I don't think so.. Overall he is a great kids and a wonderful big brother. 

Got Water?
New beginning make him a bit nervous but  I have a feeling 1st Grade is going to be a great year. We have already started to work on a Summer to Do List for next summer so he has something to look forward to. I think this year will be a different year for all of us.  Last year I wracked my brains about Bradley being in school. I worried so much, I don't know if it gets easier or just as nerve wrecking every year.  I often think it may get better but who knows.  This year I added another thing on my plate, I was asked to be the PTA VP and I couldn't say no, so maybe serving at the school in a different area will keep me from being a nervous wreck. I know I definitely won't have as much time to worry about Bradley at school but I know I will still worry.  His over sensitivity is a big concern for me, I don't know how to make a sweet kid a tough kid. Sometimes I think what if I alter his character so much I mess him up.  AAAAHHHH!! Parenting is such a difficult task, always second guessing what one does as a parent.  Let me not forget our sweet Carter. I think in general he is the forgotten child. I feel like Carter's stage is such an easy one. No exterior influences. Love this age.  He is moving everywhere these days. Wants to do everything his big brothers do.  I can't believe how big he is now.  

Getting Ready for Manti Pageant!!
This year we will be spending a lot of time together by ourselves catching up since Sammy will be going to school twice a week. I want to see how Carter will develop without the presence of his big brothers. Carter is Brad's shadow, he loves hanging out with him. 

Driving a Denver Fire Ladder
First Visit to Temple Square For the Boys
These aren't chicken bones!
 Next month he will start Nursery, and I feel like I have not taken him in yet because I am still holding on to that baby stage. I don't want him to grow so fast, but there is not much I can do there.  I know he will enjoy nursery, he does fine at the YMCA daycare, and once he gets acquainted with the teachers in Nursery he will love it.  He loves to dance and music so I don't foresee a problem in Nursery.. He has acquired some survival skills from Sammy and some tender moments from Bradley. His survival skills have surfaced in an aggressive manner  but I think he is this way because he always has to fight for attention and toys from his brothers, hopefully he will channel that energy in a positive way as he grows. His tenderness has been demonstrated by his compassion for his brothers when they are in time out, petting and loving on Bella, being a great little helper. Carter has some very definite traits of mine, he puts everything in the garbage.  He will be either a dumpster diver like me a or clean freak like Brad. We have recently discovered that he is a lover of trains and trucks like Sammy. 
That's all Folks!! I am exhausted!
I am so glad because now Sammy has a friend to play with. So that is all folks. Our lives revolve around our boys, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Just the other day Brad asked me if I wanted him to work as an instructor at the Fire Academy so he could help out  more often with the boys since his schedule would change. The proposition was a enticing one but I had to turn his offer down. I may regret this someday but  I wouldn't want him to give up working on what he loves to do just because  I needed a little more help.  All I know is that I can manage and I am not afraid of work and  I actually enjoy having my boys time while he is at work. I tend to do a lot more when he is not around, he is so DARN charming that he tends to distract me from my tasks when he is around.