Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Summers Christmas Letter


This year has been full of adventures for The Summers!! We have done some serious travelling from northern Idaho, to Yellowstone National Park right onto Blackfoot Hills to explore Mt. Rushmore!! After 12 days on vacation the boys were excited to sleep in the comfort of their beds and be back to our steaming hot Texas!!  In addition to our travelling adventures we also welcomed our latest addition, Lincoln Xavier, at the end of September.  Our little bundle of joy has only magnified the excitement and joy in our home!!

Lincoln:  Now almost 3 months is a delight in our home!! He started very early to hold his head and to recognize faces, especially Sammy’s, who likes to get right in front of Lincoln’s face!! We all love his cooing and his smile. He is a happy and healthy little man and we are so thrilled to finally have him here with us!!

Carter: (2) Our little Car-Car who was once so quiet and shy has now turned into a chatter box and repeats everything his brothers say. Carter quickly learned how to love trains, trucks, and helicopters (he’s got very good teachers). Everywhere we go he is sure to bring a little matchbox car or hot wheels, which usually end up in Mama’s bag adding a few more pounds to it. Carter is Brad’s shadow, always wants to help, and he is Brad’s running buddy.

Sammy: (5) is having a great time being a big little brother. His disappointment of Mama having another boy in her tummy soon changed when Lincoln arrived. Our Sammy is a very adventurous boy, this year he cut his forehead again right above last year’s scar (luckily no stitches needed).  He also enjoys preschool very much, loves writing and counting!! We recently discovered that Sammy is a stellar soccer player; he is awesome on defense and is crazy fast!! Sammy loves any type of construction vehicle, especially cranes and excavators. Recently he made up his mind that he wants to be a construction worker.

Bradley: (7) is now in 2nd grade and is doing great in the dual language program. His teachers are so impressed with his Spanish accent.  He absolutely loves math and science; he has a great fascination with reptiles, tornadoes, and video games. Bradley is in his second year of piano and is not afraid to put on a show. Our little Chancho loves board games; he is a great checkers player and is starting to learn how to play chess. We love his curiosity, and his love for learning. This summer he played coach-pitch and he hit two balls out of the field. That boy has an good arm on him!!

Maggie: has been busy running the boys from soccer practice to piano lessons. She is of course busy with Baby Lincoln, but loving this stage in her life. Maggie loves being around the boys and loves being at home. This year she got released from her Stake calling and was put to work in nursery. She loves every minute of her new calling!! Now that she is no longer in the PTA board she has had more time to organize her home and plan more fun activities with the boys. This spring she managed (with the help of the boys) to get in decent size garden despite her morning sickness.

Brad: has been busy working at the fire department but has taken some time off to be with family. This year he bought an old motorhome so we could go up to Idaho for a Summers’ Family Reunion. This motorhome will now be added on to the top of his fix it list, he has great plans of gutting it out and completely redoing the inside!! While Maggie recovered from the baby’s delivery Brad laminated the boys’ bedroom floor and tiled the mud room.  Upon his return to work from paternity leave Brad was changed stations, he is now closer to home and working with a new fun crew. 

We love this time of the year when can take a moment to reconnect with you’ll. We hope this Christmas season you are filled with the Spirit of Christ and that it may continue to guide you through the coming year.                                   
Our First Harvest!!

Yellow Stone National Park!!

Our Home for 12 day!!

Waiting on Old Faithful!!

Beautiful Grand Tetons!!

Mount Rushmore

Baby Lincoln 2 weeks old