Wednesday, May 21, 2014

10 Wonderful Years Downs, and Eternity to Go..............

Almost 11 years ago I met a wonderful young man, who I thought was an investigator of our faith. I thought he was someone who needed help, and as a sympathy dater, I was going to help him and fix him (like a project). We met at a friends party and then we saw each other again at church on Sunday. He asked me out on a date and I accepted. Our first date...well, lets just say  that I thought our date unforgettable and regrettable. In retrospect, it actually was very comical. 
It all started with two people in love.......
My future husband thought it would be funny to take me to Esthers Follies comedy club. I should have caught on a little sooner that my date was a jokester, but instead I took offense and I slammed the door when he dropped me off at home. I swore I would never see him again. I called those days The Mormon Zealous days, those lasted roughly 6 years. Knowing that I was not the only fish in the sea, so I gave Brad another chance, and the rest well, it is history. We got engaged two months after our fist date and we got married 9 months later. Like I mentioned earlier I thought I needed to help him, but as it turns out it was I who needed help fixing. Brad has been the most wonderful person in my life. He never forced me to do anything I never wanted. He grew up knowing something I never really did until we were married, he knew Heavenly Father loved him and he wanted me to know that Heavenly Father Loved me the same way too. 
The wedding day
Somehow, he always knew that I could do more with my life with the help of my Heavenly Father than I could on my own. A month after we got married he gave me a digital camera, and then for our first Christmas he bought me a sewing machine, our second Christmas he gave me a laptop. Some mother's day he made me a craft area in our office, he built a pot rack for me, bought me awesome car mats. As I go down the list of things he gives me, they are things that help my life be easier with four boys. My husband is practical not so much romantic, but he also is always thinking of me and the boys. 

Our latest investment was our motor home, and  we can't wait to put so many miles of happiness on it. He is always thinking of what can make our lives easier and happier. Years later, these are the gifts I treasure most. I have sewn curtains for my home, made church bags for the kids, and bibs for the babies. My mini van's carpet never look filthy  thanks to my awesome mats. I have also developed a sense of creativity that I never knew I had. Brad gives me all I need to be the best mother for our children, and I could never ask for anything more. Thank you honey for the last 10 years, thank you for being the jokester in the family who makes me smile and relax a little, for helping me find solutions, and never giving up on me. Thank you for having strong convictions on marriage and on families. Thank you for our four boys, one dog, and two tortoises. Thank you for choosing me. 

Me and Bradley 1-17-2006
Brad and Sammy 9-19-2008
Me and Carter 3-08-2011
Baby Lincoln 9-24-2013