Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rookie Moms

I have no doubt that people cross our lives for a reason. A few years ago I met another young mom (younger mom) whose family looked a lot like mine. She had three children all under the age of five, she stayed home with the kids while her husband was hard at work.  I knew we share some similarities but I NEVER knew that our differences would make us such good friends.  As a creature of habit I did not get out much, AND the thought of spending more than $10.00 at a fast food restaurant was riveting. I was an extremely cautious mom( still am but a bit more relax now, I hope), never taking my kids anywhere that I could not control the environment. As kindergarten approached for our oldest child our friendship also became closer. We were both rookie mom's of kindergartens and we helped each other  she helped along the way. That first year was especially difficult for me and for my son, but I was happy to have a friend who could empathy with me. During the first two years of our kids academic path we saw each other every morning and every afternoon. We would catch up when we dropped the kids off to school, and then we would meet at Sonic for Happy Hour after school with the rest of the troop. We would meet at Ikea on Tuesdays, and just to change it up we would go to McD's to count box tops. My dear friend introduced me to processed food and to one of the best times of my life and my kids life. Thanks to this dear friend our Christmas' will never be the same, she introduced me to the Elf on the Shelf. She also showed our family how to be secret agents while we secretly served a family from the ward. My friend introduced me to books, yes, kids books. She got me hooked on Scholastics. I never thought I would love to read kids books so much. She especially taught me how to love to serve my children without being compelled to. I learned so much from this friend, especially to be a better mom, and a kinder wife. Recently we learned that our friends are moving and they are making a big move, one where we will not be able to meet at Ikea or go and get shaved ice on a hot summer day, or meet at the pool. Our dear friends are moving far but no matter how far they go we will always cherish our great adventures together and we will miss the looks we both got from people when they saw two moms with 8 kids. My heart aches to see our friends go, but I also couldn't be happier for them.  Texas will not be same without the Barlows.
Thank you for letting us tag along  with you all for the last 3 years.