Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Everything I Needed to Learn I Learned In Nursery

About a year ago I was officially called to be the Jr. Nursery Leader, I volunteered there long enough through my last pregnancy and through my baby's first year that I think they figured I was a perfect fit for the nursery. Some people may feel like I got demoted after serving almost 3 years in the Stake Relief Society Presidency, but the truth was that I got the best promotion. Initially, I have to admit that I had alterior motives for serving in nursery (my 3rd son was in there), my reason for serving change quite a bit by the end. While at first I focused on my child by the end I could not go to bed without planning my lesson for 28 little ones. 

I learned that to be a good nursery leader we have to teach our little ones in tiny doses. These little ones are watching and how we behave and our attitudes will reflect on 
I learned that children don't judge
I have learned that children love consistency. Children need reassurance. At one of our Primary trainings one of our Primary leaders mentioned that she was so thankful for the leaders who prepared and planned for their class because she felt that when she could not teach her children they would be able to gain some gospel knowledge from those prepared and consistent teachers. Nursery is a great place to learn how the Savior loves us.