Thursday, April 9, 2015

History Lesson Fail!

Parenting has definitely been one of those great adventures I have had in my life. There have been many rewarding experiences and some minor heartaches. I have loved seeing my children grow. Recently we have been reading stories of the Old Testament. We do our reading just before we go to bed, I love to see how all of my boys sit at the edge of the bed to see what happens next. We have learned together a lot from these great stories, but the truth is that I have learned more. I don't remember ever knowing who half the people in the scriptures were much less the lessons one can take from these stories. Anyhow, we started to read this summer a short chapter book, then another, and then I thought why not the scriptures. I wanted to learn as much as they did. So we embarked on that train and now we are almost done with the Old Testament and on to the New Testament. My idea of reading was to do something together as a family, well, it has been a great experience and a great night routine as well. I have tried to teach my children life lesson from books we read, at family home evening, and from the scriptures, but I don't think any of these will ever take the place of a real life experience. This summer we read Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales Big Bad Iron Clad, based on the Civil War, and my oldest son wanted to know why there were slavery and how slavery was abolished. I gave him a little history lesson on that and then we got on talking about how having the opportunity to choose is  having freedom. He then asked if the slaves were angry for being mistreated. I told him that  that forgiveness is not always easy for everyone and that some may be upset about the past even though it didn't happen to them. My explanation was immediately misunderstood and he said I told him that the modern day African Americans were trying to get even. Not what I meant at all! So this week at his Cub Scout den meeting they were talking about freedom and  he told his den that I said that modern African Americans were trying to get revenge for their slave ancestors. Talk about the biggest parenting lesson fail! We had to go over this subject again this morning and   I had to explain  to him that people will make choices, and they can choose to be angry over something that happened long ago, or they can move forward, but ultimately, people can choose and that is what matters. I hope next den meeting goes a little better!! I sometimes forget that my children are growing and hear everything one says, so as a parent I have to be very careful what I say and how I say it, then make sure they don't misunderstand what I said. 

"The moral of Pete's story is: No matter what you step in, keep walking along and singing your song....because its all good."-Eric Litwin