Friday, September 25, 2015

Living Country

As I get older moving is not as easy as it used it to be. I really don't care much about the square footage of my house or the aesthetics (ok, I do care a little bit about how my house feels) of our  home as much as the relationships we have built while living in our home. When we first moved to this house we thought we would not have to move again. Little did we know we would fall in love with our  new neighbors and ward. I think what makes it harder now is that we have made our network of friends even larger,our children now have more friends and we have had some incredible teachers be part of our children's lives. Moving is hard both emotionally and physically. Our new adventure will take us a little farther away both from family and beloved friends but I think in the long run this will be a good move for our family. I clearly remember having to fight for this house we live in now, I had to haunt down the realtor who had to put this house on the market, it was a great reward to finally get this house.  Now we are leaving hoping we made a good difference in some peoples lives while we lived here. I know that while I have lived in this house I have learned and grown a lot. My hope is that I can continue to grow and learn more as we move to the next phase in our lives in our new place. I hope my children can also learn, grow, and make a difference if its only for one person. I have no doubt that we are placed in difference places in our lives because we have work to do for the Lord. I can't wait to see what kind of work lies ahead of us. Good by 1101 Spring Breeze Cove.