Friday, March 31, 2017

Choices and Consequences

Image result for lds quotes on choicesI think that one of the hardest things to teach our children is that life always has consquences either by our own doing or just by nature, a consequence will always follow. This morning my oldest had to learn that omitting the truth is just as bad a lying. Lying in our house has serious consequences.  Of course, I did not go all reptile on him but I taught him a tough lesson. Every week his math teacher sends home a packet of math drills (100 math problems to be solved in 3 min). These packets don't count as a grade but she is really trying to teach kids to keep up the practrice. I think her goal is much like any coach's goal, to practice to get better, correct any bad habit, and whatever other reasons people practice for. So in my book, its good to do these packets to develop good study habits and to not loose the skills he has learned by doing these drills and they also prepare him for a easy math quiz he will take on Friday. Of course at the beginning of the school year he was very consistant because they were part of a grade but now he just stuffs the sheets in his backpack and forgets about then. Well, once a month we treat our boys to eat out, and we told them finish your homework and we will take you out. My oldest said he finished everything. Of course this morning I asked him about his sheet and he said he did not need to do them. I was of course not happy about his response and reminded him that yesterday he told me he had finished all his homework and he failed to mentioned that he did not do the math packet. So instead of arriving to school first he was the last one to be dropped off and he had to do the packets as well. In the past I have let it slide so he can see how spending 12 minutes of his life a week helps him get a better grade when he practices, but obviously the natural consequence lesson did not sink in. My son is a huge fan of Micheal Phelps and I asked him if he thought Micheal Phelps questioned his coaches about the practice drills he had to do for the Olympics. I also asked him if he thought Micheal Phelps always felt like practicing. Of course, no one always wants to practice or work hard, but we understand the essence of why we must do it even when we don't want to. I hope he learns this lesson before he grows too old, I think this is a much harder lesson to learn as an adult, the consequences are much harsher than arriving to school late or getting grilled by your parents. I remeber as a young adult how I wished I had learned some lesson as a kid instead as an adult. Learn your lessons early  little ones.  
Image result for lds quotes on choices

" O, remember, my son, and learn wisdom in thy youth; yea, learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God." Alma 37:35

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