Monday, March 27, 2017


This past summer we decided to adopt a new dog. Our family was finally ready to get a dog after the death of Bella our beloved Labradoodle. Our new dog is Layla, and she is mix dog, we think Lab and doberman or something else. She is pretty good looking dog and she loves to play. She came from a home with other smaller dogs so it is a bit lonely here with just her. Anyhow, since we have had her she has felt right at home, although she sometimes has a few set back like when we get those spectacular Texas lightning thunderstorms. For about a month now I have fallen very sick. Like I am going to vomit at the smell of anything. Just a few perks of pregnancy. Yes, I AM Preggers and I have been bed bound. I have never been this sick, EVER!! It is kind of depressing! I have had the nausea and heart burn before , but the thought of opening my fridge, washer or dryer makes me cringe. I have all my favorite food aversions and pretty much any food aversion. Anyhow, since I have been sick my dog won't leave my room. I love her to pieces but she would just lay on the floor at the bottom of my bed. Of course, despite all her efforts to be super quiet I knew she was there because I could smell her. I would ask her to leave and to go to her bed which is in another room and she would reluctantly leave but would managed to sneak back in my room when I was napping. Today, was the first day in weeks I have felt better, and she must have sensed I felt better too because I found her sleeping in her own bed in the middle of the day, which is very unlike her. I think she was guarding me while I was sick and didn't rest much as I spent a lot of time being uncomfortable. Animals have such a great instinct and know when we are out of sorts emotionally and physically. Although I don't love to vacuum her hair everyday I love her for loving us like she does.

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